Saturday, December 31, 2011


Some bozo in the Phoenix New Times is complaining that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is violating a judge’s order to refrain from profiling when he arrests a crowd of illegals. How is it profiling when officers observe a Chevy Astro with California plates speeding and changes lanes without signaling?
A deputy saw right away that a middle bench to the van had been removed and the vehicle was packed with 12 people, some lying down on the floor with no space to move freely.
The Spanish-speaking passengers were disheveled, dusty and nervous. They had no luggage.
In other words, it appeared to detectives that the group was in the country illegally.
“At this point, detectives recognized this as a human smuggling incident,” a deputy wrote in court paperwork.
Yeah, that’s not profiling, dipshit. People who look like they’ve spent days in the desert and packed in a van in Arizona and headed north are probably illegal aliens. And they were in a van that was breaking the law. Profiling would be pulling over every Mexican driving a van while obeying all of the laws.

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