Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yes Lisa. Whatever you say Lisa.


Kerodin said...

CharlieGodammit will be motivated to help out.


Stu said...

Let CharlieGoddamnit lick'em clean and put them away....problem solved

PatriotUSA said...

Harsh but effective.

I have lots of faults and problems, but I learned at a very early age to clean up after myself.

No matter what we do or all that we do, some people are never happy with us.

Thank God I ain't responsible for them or I would have pulled the trigger on them long ago! :)

davecydell said...

Reminds me of about the time I threw my 3rd wife out.
Been about 8 girlfriends and 2 dogs since.

mugley said...

she's probably get better results if she had put a sign that read ever who cleans these dishes will get head lol