Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fuck that!!!!!

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The NYPD is stepping up their war against illegal guns, with a new tool that could detect weapons on someone as they walk down the street.
But is it violating your right to privacy?
Police, along with the U.S. Department of Defense, are researching new technology in a scanner placed on police vehicles that can detect concealed weapons.
“You could use it at a specific event. You could use it at a shooting-prone location,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told CBS 2′s Hazel Sanchez on Tuesday.
It’s called Terahertz Imaging Detection. It measures the energy radiating from a body up to 16 feet away, and can detect anything blocking it, like a gun.

And the idea is causing quite the uproar on both sides of the privacy issue.
“I think it’s good. People will be safer and it will be a safer environment,” Jessica Ramos said.
“If it’s going to make us safer as citizens I’m okay with that,” said Lori Sampson of Lake Ronkonkoma.
“I think it’s all about invading people’s lives more and more and more,” Antonio Gabriel said.
“It’s definitely a privacy issue, but it’s for our safety. So it’s just one of those things, a double-edged sword,” added Clarence Moore of Union, N.J.
Police Commissioner Kelly said the scanner would only be used in reasonably suspicious circumstances and could cut down on the number of stop-and-frisks on the street.
But the New York Civil Liberties Union is raising a red flag.
“It’s worrisome. It implicates privacy, the right to walk down the street without being subjected to a virtual pat-down by the Police Department when you’re doing nothing wrong,” the NYCLU’s Donna Lieberman said.
“We have involved our attorneys as we go forward with this issue. We think it’s a very positive development,” Kelly said.
People on the street have differing opinions on the price they’d be willing to pay for safety.
“There are a lot of cameras already here, so as people walk they’re being filmed. And most of the time they don’t know it,” said Jennifer Bailly of Jersey City.
“If they search you, you’re not giving consent, so they can do what they want, meaning they can use that as an excuse to search you for other means. I don’t think that’s constitutional at all,” Devan Thomas said.
“I don’t agree with it. I have the belief that if you forgoe some of your freedom then it’s not freedom at all,” added Erwin Morales of Hoboken.
“I think it’s good. I think if someone has something to hide and they’re going to worry about it, who cares?” Robert McDougall added.
The Department of Defense is also researching the Terahertz technology to detect suicide bombers wearing explosives.


Brian said...

Get ready Americans. They are coming for you. Every last piece of freedom.

Anonymous said...

The is good from the standpoint of being able to locate a criminal, but part of being able to legally possess a handgun concealed, is part of the point. And part of that point is, that while you're getting scrutinized by the "Law" for possessing a thing that looks like a gun, somebody else is getting away!

MSgt B said...

Don't worry.

We're from the Government.

We're here to help you.

We'll keep you safe.

Just hold still.

Brian in Florida said...

WOO HOO Become a Policeman and get your own personal X-Ray Porn glasses, bad Idea, This is most cerainly a violation of personal privacy and border line porno. They gonna be looking at kids with this? My wife? My secret wife and family AND my girl friend? Well now I call foul and jurisprudance.

Cavedogg said...

Those who would give up there rights... Oh if it will make us safer. What a joke. Any wonder why I will never set foot in new york? I will stay on my lil 53 acers where im at and shoot coyotes for fun and, well not much profit and wiat.

Brad_in_MA said...

WTF ever happened to the 4th amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure without due process of law or warrnt? Jeee-zus H. Cripes. Gah.

- Brad

orbitup said...

Great! Now I'll have to start shoving my gun up my ass.

It'll slow down my draw a little though.

Sammy said...

It was said best centuries ago:

"He who sacrifices some liberty in the interest of safety are deserving of neither." - B. Franklin

kerrcarto said...

Gotdamn progressives. Fuck them all!

Cheezy said...

What they really need is a device for citizens to detect corrupt cops.