Thursday, January 12, 2012

The miracles of modern medicine

The warehouse where I work is kicking my ass.
I started having sinus problems about a month ago - maybe I should say work has been giving me sinus problems seeing as I feel fine (normally) when I am not at work, but as soon as I get in the door my sinuses slam shut. Working in a warehouse in an agricultural area, this is understandable due to the huge amount of dust in the air.
Understandable doesn't make it any easier.
This morning it all caught up to me. I woke up this morning about 2 with a sinus headache, managed to get back to sleep for another 2 hours, then woke up at 4 (my normal time) hurting so fucking bad I couldn't keep both eyes open at the same time. Fuck this. I called in sick.
Now I'm one of those dumbasses  that refuses to take anything for pain, preferring pain management (which pretty much consists of bitching and moaning) to actually doing something about it, such as going to the doctor or even to the store for some over-the-counter shit. I mean, if I still have all my appendages and ain't bleeding from the nose, ears and eyeballs, it can't be that serious.
But I damned sure had my ass down to the Walgreens this morning at 4:30 with all the tweekers and drunks trying to find some some nasal decongestion spray and sinus headache relief. It must've worked. My headache is now tolerable, my beard is soaked and I gotta take a dump.