Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swamp Rat's 15 Seconds of Fame

Ya know, got to thinkin, I really don't hate obama. He is what he is.

The actual people I can't stand, are the people of America, that were STUPID enough to actually,
Believe his socialist bastards "Hope and Change" bullshit! They seemed to miss his "Key" statement...

"I will Fundimentally Change America".
They just didn't understand a Socialist. He was perfectly "marketed". The True "Manchurican Candidate".
AND...It worked.

Well...Come Nov. 2012. We'll see if Americans have... Got it yet????
- Swamp Rat
Yeah, I can't believe that the American people actually bought into that "Hope" bullshit. He definitely brought us Change, but Hope's getting further and further away.