Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Random incident my ass

I bet they'd like the public to think it was a random incident but 61 year old men don't, as a rule, commit random acts of violence.
Ten to one, that fed fucked with him someway, somehow, and the ol' boy got tired of his shit and blew his ass down. Or as Kerodin would say, he Stepped Off The Porch.


Anonymous said...

Likely as not the old man was pushed.

Glenn B said...

With all due respect, let me comment on this one from an opposing view:

Let's see how the fed could have 'fucked with' Bagwell 'in some way' - hmm:

Bagwell was trying to rob a car out in front of the federal agent's home and the car belonged to the agent so he interceded (would that be fucking with bagwell - oh no I guess not, Bagwell would have been doing the fucking with so to speak).

The federal agent was on his way out of his house or into it and Bagwell accosted him trying to rob him at gun point and the agent resisted and was shot by Bagwell (again I guess that would not be the agent fucking with bagwell but Bagwell fucking with the agent).

Bagwell was out on the street beating a helpless victim and the agent came out to intercede (again I guess that is not a case of the agent fucking with bagwell now would it be)

Bagwell laid in ambush for the agent, the agent once having worked a case against bagwell (would that really being fucking with Bagwell, say if he were a vile, low down, piece of shit child pornographer and the agent sent him to jail for several years, I think fucking with him might not be the right term).

There could be a million reasons why this guy shot the agent. Granted that the use of the term "random incident" might not be the best of terms, it is often used when the singling out of an individual victim is as of yet unknown.

Now of course, it could have been a random incident. The guy could have been drunk high on meth or just pissed at the world, could have randomly approached the agent, then he (as in bagwell) could have started the trouble - and then decided to shoot the agent. Shit happens but when it does it does not make the odds 10-1that the agent necessarily fucked with the shooter. Sure there is a chance, the agent in some way fucked with or provoked Bagwell to shoot him but the chances that the odds are 10-1 are ludicrous that the agent had to "fuck with" bagwell in order to be shot. That stands even if you are right and the agent in some way actually did what would be considered by your average bear as "fucking with" Bagwell, or so is my humble opinion.

I think a good investigation of the evidence is required before anyone can figure out just what happened.

All the best,
Glenn B

Anonymous said...

Liable to be more of this as more "Thugs with a Badge" are outed. Lots of folks don't like the way the Ruling class is acting.

MAJ Mike

wirecutter said...

He also could've been in an altercation of some type (argument over a fender bender) and the agent used his authority to intimidate Bagwell.
I personally have met one policeman that I felt dealed with me fairly and without an opinion before even arriving on scene.

But actually, seeing as it didn't say what type of agent he was, I'm hoping he was an IRS agent.....

wirecutter said...

And of course, your opinion is always welcome, Glenn.

Brock Townsend said...

Yes, we should wait for more information, but as my mother would say:

What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Walter Zoomie said...

Your mother was a fowl domestic terrorist.

PISSED said...

a little more info...

Kerodin said...

More and more we are seeing reports that do not explain how the "bad guy" was identified and/or captured. I do not buy a "random traffic stop".

Reporters used to include such information. Could it be that revealing "how" would be revealing more DHS secrets?

We also have complete "Bad Guy" profiles from the media within hours...unless the media chooses not to tell us. All of that information is missing from this news clip.


Dropping a Fed is a big deal in the "civilized" world, Big Uncle unleashes the big dogs on such an incident...unless there is a back-story they'd rather remained in the shadows.

I think Kenny's instincts are accurate here. There is much more to this story that we may, or may not, ever know.

But "random"...I'd bet my left dangler that it wasn't random. It has "personal" written all over it.

And if it was personal - good on our 61 year old for doing what men do.

Don't start none, won't be none...


Brock Townsend said...

Your mother was a fowl domestic terrorist.

That she was......:)

Conf. Mem. Day-05, 10, 1911 (My Grandfather & Mother)
To hear real Confederates give the Rebel Yell was a bloodcurdling sound. Richard Bales group's rendering of this is like a lullaby in comparison. To hear our own valiant, brave soldiers made us want to pick up a gun and kill the first Yankee in sight.

TheBronze said...

My good friend's daughter works with the agent that was shot.

The shooter wasn't a III%'er and he didn't "step off the porch", he was a garden-variety stalker.

He developed some type of obsession with the guy's wife, when she was in his class.

There's nothing to this except a nut-job wanting something he couldn't have.