Friday, March 02, 2012

Shooting the .950 JDJ

JD Jones is known for his wildcats and barrels for the TC Contender for them.
Hell of a nice guy, I talked with him on the phone several times back the mid- 80s when I was after him to build a specialty barrel for my TC in 41 magnum. I already had a barrel that fired a standard length bullet just fine, but I was loading some 280 gr WFN bullets that stuck out considerably further than the 210 grain bullet. Fucking bullet would hang up in the rifling, keeping me from closing and locking up the handgun. JD saved me a few bucks by refusing to build me a custom barrel and just took a standard 41 tube and drilled out the chamber a few thousands of an inch, polished it, and sent it off to me. I think he charged me $100 for the ream and polish job, plus the price of the barrel ( so $225 total?) and I was shooting  within 3 months of ordering it.


Hello Birdy said...

I would like to have seen what damage one of those loads does to say ....a Chevy Volt.

timbo said...

Holy shit! That was awesome. As Bird said, I wish we saw the carnage from that massive projectile.

Swamprat said...

No Shit! I would like to have seen the DOWN RANGE target they were shootin at!!! Even if it was just a "Target".