Friday, April 06, 2012

Lewis's Deer cape and head

Here's a pic of a buck than ran too close to incoming fire.
That's his sawed off head sitting on his cape, just finished skinning him and thought the pic was cool.
He weighed about 200, hit him in the heart with a .308 Sierra Game King at around 100 yards.


Gotta love that Game King. Been around for years and still getting the job done.
Thanks for sharing this, man.
Fuck PETA and thank you for helping me say it.


Brock Townsend said...

Congratulations and I'll be over shortly for supper.......:)

Sarthurk said...

So where did this animal meet it's demise? And you don't want to hear this but my experience with Sierra bullets has been one of good accuracy, but horrible terminal effects. I've heard of and seen bullets disintegrate on skin contact with deer. The last one was a .270 that merely broke the skin and bruised the animal severely, and it was eventually found and harvested, but I won't use them. I was witness to the 100 yard shot and saw the animal run like hell off down hill. It took 4 of us to find it over an hour later. I think I walked right past it right off the bat. Hey, I like Hornady bullets. I have a 7RM load for the BAR that does me less than an inch at 200. I get similar results in my BLR .243. I put a round from that gun through the back of the skull of a yote trying to sneak away from me about 150 yds across a clear cut, offhand. I got lucky there, but I always like impressing myself!