Thursday, May 31, 2012

Comment of the Day. Again.

Once again I am catching shit from my Big Bad Wolf post found HERE and once again it's an anonymous comment. No surprise there.  An 11 year old girl (everybody calls me CC) has more balls than he does.
Fucking PETAphiles need to get a life.

Anonymous said... 

Nice disclosure. Maybe if you were not an offensive piece of shit people wouldn't leave nasty comments. And you wouldn't say things like that unless you wanted to get a reaction out of people. The only reason I'm writing you is because I was looking for wolf reference on google and came across your blog. Your rash and insignificant. If your going to say fuck Obama give a reason why to say fuck Obama. At least back up your bullshit out calls. And take down those shitty pictures because its cruel and unjust. Don't compare killing a wolf to abortion either they don't relate to each other. If you want them to relate to each other then string up a baby just like the wolf and then see the reaction. It would be wrong. Life is life whether it is a wolves or a baby. Enjoy your pathetic little life and living with close mindedness.

wirecutter said... 

You read my disclosure yet you still left a shitty comment as Anonymous. You're a fucking keyboard coward.

I don't give a flying fuck what you think about me so quit wasting your breath.

It's too bad your mother was a conservative, otherwise you'd just be another rotting fetus in the trash and the world would be a better place.
- Kenny Lane
Ceres, CA


Toaster 802 said...

A liberal is a carried to term fetus that had a conservative mother.


I am thinking of tour guiding a liberal/ wolf encounter group. The liberals get to feel good about themselves, and the wolves get their version of the EBT card.

Liberal ham heads. Always the smartest people in the room until they start screaming "Get it off me!" or "It hurts!"

I'll say Fuck Obama because I can.


John Henry said...

Rash and Insignificant.... Let's discuss that.

Rash implies a measure of daring .... devil may care approach to blogging. I find that much more interesting and entertaining than some of the staid, more polite blogs I have seen. Some of what is here is crude, but I have a pretty wide angle sense of humor. Anon apparently, does not.

Insignificant ... hell we are all insignificant in the big picture. However, I do have significance to my friends and family and that is all that really matters. I am sure that is the case for you too WC.

I like Knuckle Draggin because it is eclectic. Huge variety of stuff. Lots of hot babes and good information some of the time ... good humor all the time. It's entertainment. I also visit serious news and interest blogs, but for different reasons.

I wouldn't feel the least bit scorned by Mr Anonymous. He is in some sort of world where he feels he is a superior being and should tell us how to live.

I don't like seeing wolves killed either, but I also know that other people are different from me and I have no right or business to force them to change.

Remember "Live and Let Live"?? That was a good philosophy. Better than all the contempt people have toward each other nowadays.

Fuck Obama.
And now to get on with MY insignificant and pleasurable, small life.

wirecutter said...

Fucking A, John. Thanks.

rpm2day said...

#1 "You're"
#2 Who needs a reason to say "Fuck Obama"?
#3 Wolf's.
If you're gonna troll, do it with some class, anon.

Anonymous said...

I'm here for Milfy Mondays, the snark, and the general goofy sh*t that occurs here.



Anonymous said...

kenny, sorry there are so many mindless shit heads online (its summer vacation, remember?)...
but i am disturbed by the idea of feeding the liberals to the wolves, are the liberals thoroughly cooked and were they checked for std's and mad cow before feeding them to the wolves?
i mean that almost seems cruel to the wolves to expect them to eat diseased human garbage...
apart from that i enjoy your blog and the comments, take care...VC

john s said...

ah fuck em. The guy (?) writes like a 12 year old boy, thinks like a 16 year old girl and swears like a dutch school marm.

Anonymous said...

A fuck Obama reason?



Erinyes said...

English, motherfucker, do you write it?

Here's a reason "why to say Fuck Obama":

Because FUCK YOU! That's why. Asshole.

Anonymous said...

Dude, your getting it from all angles, best stop over at your buddies place, Irish, to say hello, oh my......roflmmfao

Quixote said...

WC, first off, amen to John Henry's comments. I just can't believe this guy Anonymous; as much as I enjoy your jousting with this clown, he's obviously the one screaming for attention, seeking "to get a reaction out of people", and he's using horrible grammar to do so...(BTW, so sorry to hear about "your rash...").

He started with Googling 'wolf references' and came on your patriot blog... really? What, wolf patriots? dead wolf pics? I'd love to know what 'wolf' search terms landed this dweeb on a serious liberty blog.

Don't waste more time with this airhead - and BTW, if he wants to start a list of the thousand reasons to say 'Fuck Obama' without stating supporting reason, there simply wouldn't be enough space to waste for that but since I can't help myself, I'll start with Obama's sponsorship and support of bill in IL legislature protecting 'infanticide', hey Anon, that would be killing human babies, by allowing for the 'disposal' of babies 'accidentally' born alive after a botched abortion...wonder if they posed for pictures. Anon, why don't you google Obama zombie...?

Fuck Obama


Paul, Dammit! said...

lol at the "English, motherfucker, do you write it?" Harsh as it's a kid, but here on the internet we're all handsome and young.

I can NOT stand that some parent allowed their kids to form the belief that all life is equal. Aside from it being stupid (that belief will change quickly the first time the little treasure hits a deer or a neighbor), it will leave a kid dangerously unprepared to made decisions using critical thinking skills.
Although, to be fair, if I had to choose between an annoying tween on the web and my dog, there'd be no contest, but in his defense, my dog is awesome.

Also, why isn't this little darling crying for the life of the common pig? We all had to sit through 'Babe' At least Babe didn't develop a preference for delicious, cute baby cows.

Anonymous said...

Fuckin yuppie puke`s , probably got "Obama 2012", tattooed on his forehead.I find a motherfucker like this ,IT`s NO SLACK TIME ! pour it on !.

Goldenrod said...

Fuck Obama because.....
Well, there are too many reasons to list here and if anybody needs to have a reason pointed out then Fuck them too.

fel said...

Im guessing its the Irishman trolling.

kerrcarto said...

Fuck Obama.

Need a reason?

He is a fucking piece of shit communist.

Good enough?

alcade said...

Do these liberal idiots even consider the fact that if it weren't for the taxes hunters and gunowners pay to the Pittman-Robertson fund there probably wouldn't be any wolves left? Do they also consider that those who enjoy hunting wolves probably don't want to see them become extinct, as it would put an end to their sport? I suppose it's a lot easier to sit on the couch in your mom's basement and wish good vibes towards the wolves, it's another thing to go out in the woods and interact with nature.