Thursday, May 31, 2012

Comment of the Day. Again.

Once again I am catching shit from my Big Bad Wolf post found HERE and once again it's an anonymous comment. No surprise there.  An 11 year old girl (everybody calls me CC) has more balls than he does.
Fucking PETAphiles need to get a life.

Anonymous said... 

Nice disclosure. Maybe if you were not an offensive piece of shit people wouldn't leave nasty comments. And you wouldn't say things like that unless you wanted to get a reaction out of people. The only reason I'm writing you is because I was looking for wolf reference on google and came across your blog. Your rash and insignificant. If your going to say fuck Obama give a reason why to say fuck Obama. At least back up your bullshit out calls. And take down those shitty pictures because its cruel and unjust. Don't compare killing a wolf to abortion either they don't relate to each other. If you want them to relate to each other then string up a baby just like the wolf and then see the reaction. It would be wrong. Life is life whether it is a wolves or a baby. Enjoy your pathetic little life and living with close mindedness.

wirecutter said... 

You read my disclosure yet you still left a shitty comment as Anonymous. You're a fucking keyboard coward.

I don't give a flying fuck what you think about me so quit wasting your breath.

It's too bad your mother was a conservative, otherwise you'd just be another rotting fetus in the trash and the world would be a better place.
- Kenny Lane
Ceres, CA