Thursday, May 03, 2012

From my buddy Swamprat

Ken, I saw you wrote awhile back on your Blog, that you just can't vote for Romney.
[See the post he's referring to HERE]
I just gotta ask ya man, Are you Serious?

I'm not happy with the mother fucker, but god damn man....ANY Fuckin THING is better than this marxist cocksucker that is in there now.
Standin on your principals is one thing. But not to the extent of Loosing the Republic hands down if this bastard is elected again.

If this bastard gets elected to 4 more years, our country is history. He will nominate at lease 2-3 Supreme court justices and the Supreme Court will go Left for the next 20 years.

Seriously man, a "protest vote" or no vote at all, will give America, obama for 4 more years, and the definate distruction of the Democratic Republic of America.

Just think about it man.
My wife did a protest vote...years ago. Voted for Ross Perot. I liked the guy too, but Logic, would not let me vote for him. Her vote was only 1 of the 18% that voted for him,... that got Bill Clinton elected for 8 years. She learned her lesson.

Unfortunately, there is NOT a viable 3rd Party in America. Read that again.
So, the bottom line is,... any "Protest" vote, because you're not happy with Romney, is a vote FOR obama for 4 more years, and the continuation of his "Exectuive orders" and "Czars", and circumnavigating the Constitution of the United States of America.

There's a time to "Stand your Ground". AND...there's a time for common sense. Romney might not be completely "compatible" with the political opinions of you and me.

But God Damnit man, a vote any other way, is a vote for obama. And our country is truly lost.

I'd like ya to post this on your Blog. If ya think it's an interesting enough comment.

I'd like to see the comments from your posters.

If not. "It's all good".
I was basically talkin to you, and what ya posted, about why ya couldn't vote for romney...which will be a vote for obama.

BTW...I'm workin on a new Graphic for ya, for your header. STILL don't understand why that mother fucker can't be Full Screen!


Swamprat is the guy that designed my header for the blog.
We get along pretty good, good enough that we can disagree about something, tell each other to fuck off and nobody gets butt-hurt.


Okay, now to answer your question:
Yup, I was dead serious and my points are pretty clear as to why. It's not a protest vote, Bro. It's a Principle Vote. I demand a return to a Constitutional Government, nothing more, nothing less. Romney has no intention of reinstating our political system as it was designed after much thought, effort and consideration by our Founding Fathers.

I cannot in good conscience berate our current politicians and advocate for a return to a Constitutional Government day after day and then vote for any candidate that doesn't share my beliefs and thoughts.

I do intend to vote as is my duty and if there is a federal office to be filled, the President of The United States included, who does not have a candidate that meets my expectations, I will vote for nobody.

State and local offices are a different matter. These are politicians whose policies directly impact my life. I vote for every office, measure, bond issue, everything. And strangely enough, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the political party.

One of my favorite politicians was a blue dog democrat named Gary Condit. Some of you probably only knew him as the congressman that was involved with Chandra Levy, the intern who went missing but was later found to have been murdered. I remember him as a man that made things happen and wouldn't bow to his own party's pressures if it was bad for his constituents.
I should probably add that I'm biased - the Condit's are local, everybody in Ceres knows the family and knew Gary as a kid. His parents came out to California from the Dust Bowl about the same time as my grandparents did - hell, Gary's daddy preached my Granddad's funeral a couple years ago.
But now I'm hearing that Gary's son Chad is running for Congress (I think) under the Independent label. I'll be following him real close to see how he is.


Anonymous said...

It's a Constitutional Republic (or was supposed to be), not a democratic one. And another thing, voting for nobody does less than good. In the 2008 elections, it was estimated that 30 million conservative voters failed to vote. If half of them had, we would not be in the shithole we're in now! (I know, we'd be in a McCain shithole)
MY two cents!
Hell, I think some of you want the mullato to win so that all hell breaks loose and we can clean house and reform a new government. The only way that would be successful for us would be if there was a favorable military coup. Otherwise you'll be hiding from the UN security troops of Der Barry and the world socialists....or dead.

wirecutter said...

No, I do not want to see the Kenyan win, especially for that reason.
But I am compromising my principles for no man, nor to please some of my readers.

Mulligan said...

Its the electoral votes that matter in the presidential election not the popular vote.. so I doubt it really matters

besides .. the ruling class gets to count votes and their math skills are highly suspect

even if they count 'em right and the popular vote matters ... how will we know? the info will get disseminated via the mainstream media and we know where their loyalty lies.

Bootmaker said...

Voting for nobody is a viable alternative.
Unless of course you leave the races you are disatisfied with blank, and only fill in a vote for the candidate/proposition you agree with.
not sure how they do it in kali my friend, but around here (TX) a single blank line invalidates the entire ballot.

Kerodin said...

There is no tangible political difference between Romney & President Obama.

They both hate 2A. They both hate 4A. They both want at least 60% of your income to be given to Government. They both fundamentally believe that Government is more important than Liberty.

At least President Obama has the balls to say it a bit more honestly.

Not one policy on the table from either one of them will change the fact that the economy is arithmetcally going to crater and kill millions. Not one of them intends to scale back the police state that is being imposed.

Not one of them believes in Liberty.

And as far as the Supreme Court: Anyone who would listen to a 5-4 decision from that court that outlaws 2A or justifies the personal mandate under Commerce is not an American anyway.

President Obma and Romney are the same beast, and Enemies of Liberty.


Toaster 802 said...

I was stampeded into voting for McCain. Only to have him turn around and co-author NDAA2012, Ie; the new Hanoi Hilton enabling act. The GOP is breaking all sorts of it's own rules to push forward Romney because they feel We the People have no other choice. Fuck that noise.

If I end up having to hunt blue helmets in my AO because I choose to not vote for the lesser of two criminals, so be it. I have seen the inside of too many nursing homes to wish to live forever.

The last time America had a chance to vote their way out of this was in 1964. Get over it.

Fuck Obama, and fuck the treasonous RINO's in the GOP. Time to take the party of none down.

Rob in MI said...

A wise man once said to me "Pick your battles". It does no good to win the battle just to lose the war. I commend you on standing by your principles. But given the choices we have, and the system we are forced to work with, winning a battle on priciple could mean the war will be lost.
Keep the faith. This is just my two cents.

Robert Hewes said...

The lesser of 2 evils is still fucking evil, and I'd rather run my man-parts through a meat grinder than vote for either of those bastards.

As I wrote on my blog today, "They say that in the long run we’re all dead, and that’s true of parties and civilizations too. Hopefully the Stupid Party and the Evil Party will be dead before America is."

Incidentally, Borepatch wrote on this very same topic today -- check it out. He advocates voting for Obama.

oldfart said...

I'm with you WC. I've voted for entirely too many assholes simply because they weren't quite as dirty as the other asshole. I'm 78 years old and I ain't gonna do it again. Here in Oregon we have mail-in ballots. I just filled mine out and wrote in my choice of candidate. She can't win but she wouldn't bow to an Arabian King either.

Goldenrod said...

I will vote for Romney only because it's a glimer of hope to get us to the next election cycle and vote in someone who is actually a conservative. Also, as a glimer of hope that there will actually be a next cycle.

Steve Head said...

Please think about this a bit more
Four more years of this and this country will be in bad shape and the kids today will be the ones that will have to foot the bill.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, Vote for Romney who was unable to beat McRino 4 years ago, but now is the great hope to beat BHO. Just because the press tells us he's the only one who can win doesn't make it true. I'm tired of the R'S running someone because its their turn. I'm not voting for either one but taking a harder look at a third party.
Remember Bush beat McRino, then McRino ran again beating Romney and now are best is Romney again. 4 years from now I guess it will be Santorum because he finished second. The D's have it right you get one shot and if you lose they find somebody else.


giamby said...

You don't have to compromise your principles for a man, but if you love your country, it is your obligation.

Chas Steele said...

I want that socialist piece of shit in there. This country is so fucked up that it will not be corrected until the bottom falls out. There are to many shit heads in this country that want everything but a Constitutional Republic. Id your targets now, track them and when the shit hits the fan, drop the hammer...

Anonymous said...

Hey WC, How can I complain about that response? Especially since you let me have my say on your site at the onset.
I can't say I'm done deciding...there's time. Time for other things to happen.

It might depend on how much ammo I got left. {;-}

Jim22 said...


I think if I were a voter in, say, Pennsylvania, I would vote fro Romney to get zero out of office.

You live in Kalifornia. No matter how you vote the state will go for Obama.

Why you should waste your time voting against Obama makes no sense. If I lived in Kalifornia I might agree with you.

I don't, though. I live somewhere else. I will vote for whoever the anti-Obama candidate is.

Anonymous said...

Some folks insist that if "their" candidate doesn't get nominated, they'll not vote at all in 2012. They are men of "principle" you see, and don't admit that politics is about the best choice from 2 options, not about getting exactly what you want right now.
These men of principles will stand on those principles all the way to the concentration camps. The reason Obama MUST NOT be reelected is indeed because of his ability to nominate justices to the Supreme Court. Remember? All the 2A judgments that have come down all won only by one vote- and when the court is packed with flaming liberal statists (which is an Obama GUARANTEE) the next case will determine that the 2A is actually NOT an individual right.
When that happens (and if O is reelected it absolutely WILL) I'll not be in the mood to hear the plaintive wails of these "principled men of conscience"...
As much fun as it is to play holier than thou their hands will be clean only in their heads.

Well, haven't read anything here that has convinced me otherwise so...
Look, if you can't see ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL between Obama and any other candidate I... guess you can't really discuss this topic on a rational basis.
I have absolutely no love for any of the Repub candidates EXCEPT that not a one of them begins to approach Obama's level of hyper-destructive anti-Americanism.
Socialism-lite is WAY better than socialism full-bore. No, there is no guarantee with Romney about the 2A but there certainly is with Obama and it's counter to all that those here claim to hold dear. NRA just made a list of 10 examples that's easy to find to remind you-
Since a jaywalker and a mass-murderer are both criminals, does it then follow that either is an equally suitable companion for your children, for example?
Obama wins and he will appoint and have appointed half of the Federal judges in the country... stuff doesn't even have to make it to the Supreme Court.
I'm not engaging in circular reasoning- if I only have the choice of eating at two restaurants that both suck I'm gonna choose the one that sucks less- won't you? Or do you think that somehow your refusal to eat at all will somehow "teach them a lesson" to suck less?
All this "third-party candidate" blather is ludicrous- who, in the last 100 YEARS, has been a third-party candidate worthy of being elected President? If one hasn't been seen anywhere in over 100 years wouldn't it be probable to assume that maybe, just maybe, they don't really exist? The "third-party candidate" remains a magical unicorn who lives just over the rainbow and will be coming soon to solve all of our problems with our current system. Like the white gods the Aztecs were waiting for.
I hear the same rationalizations (about electing our Presidents) coming from parents who just don't want to expend the energy necessary to keep their wayward children in line themselves. Coming up with fantastical dreams about how the problem will get solved with no historical evidence about the effectiveness or practicality of their proposed methods to back up their naively hopeful prognostications.

davecydell said...

I ain't F in voting.
Not participating in this charade.

Sevesteen said...

If we are choosing between horse shit and pig shit because only the shit candidates are mainstream enough to be elected, all we will ever get are shit candidates. There isn't enough difference between the two of them to matter--Obama is slightly worse, but with a chance of a centerist or conservative running next electtion. If Romney wins, the next election is another Rino vs. liberal.

I will vote, but not for shit. I will almost certainly vote Libertarian, even though the best I can hope for is that the libertarian vote tips the election and causes the 'real' candidates to adopt some libertarian ideas.

Swamprat said...

Well, ya'll stand on your "principals".

God knows I would love to vote for somebody besides romney. But the TRUTH of the matter is, anyone that votes 3rd party or just says "fuck it, I ain't votin", seriously doesn't understand what is at stake in this coming election. It is Literally the last stand for our Republic before it turns to a complete Socialist direction. And the crowning of it all, will be when obama Turns the supreme Court to the left.

Stand on your principals, as the bastard Rules by "Executive Order". Fuck the congress and the principals of America too.

The BASTARD NEEDS to Go!!! And all Principaled voters are needed to do it. It IS the last chance...

wirecutter said...

Swamprat, listen to yourself. You're starting to sound like a fucking liberal - "You have the right to vote but you damned well better do it this way or you're an asshole."
That's what I hear you saying. Kinda sorta like the liberals telling me I can carry a firearm as long as I have a permit.

I have seen nothing of Romney that says he is any different than Obama. Nothing. One is as bad as the other and in a way Romney is worse. At least with Obama you know what his agenda is.

BTW, didn't Romney try to get the GOP nomination last time around and he wasn't good enough? Has anything changed?
I didn't think so.

So go right on ahead and vote for Romney and when business continues as usual after the election and the Republic collapses anyway, remember this conversation.