Thursday, May 03, 2012

From my buddy Swamprat

Ken, I saw you wrote awhile back on your Blog, that you just can't vote for Romney.
[See the post he's referring to HERE]
I just gotta ask ya man, Are you Serious?

I'm not happy with the mother fucker, but god damn man....ANY Fuckin THING is better than this marxist cocksucker that is in there now.
Standin on your principals is one thing. But not to the extent of Loosing the Republic hands down if this bastard is elected again.

If this bastard gets elected to 4 more years, our country is history. He will nominate at lease 2-3 Supreme court justices and the Supreme Court will go Left for the next 20 years.

Seriously man, a "protest vote" or no vote at all, will give America, obama for 4 more years, and the definate distruction of the Democratic Republic of America.

Just think about it man.
My wife did a protest vote...years ago. Voted for Ross Perot. I liked the guy too, but Logic, would not let me vote for him. Her vote was only 1 of the 18% that voted for him,... that got Bill Clinton elected for 8 years. She learned her lesson.

Unfortunately, there is NOT a viable 3rd Party in America. Read that again.
So, the bottom line is,... any "Protest" vote, because you're not happy with Romney, is a vote FOR obama for 4 more years, and the continuation of his "Exectuive orders" and "Czars", and circumnavigating the Constitution of the United States of America.

There's a time to "Stand your Ground". AND...there's a time for common sense. Romney might not be completely "compatible" with the political opinions of you and me.

But God Damnit man, a vote any other way, is a vote for obama. And our country is truly lost.

I'd like ya to post this on your Blog. If ya think it's an interesting enough comment.

I'd like to see the comments from your posters.

If not. "It's all good".
I was basically talkin to you, and what ya posted, about why ya couldn't vote for romney...which will be a vote for obama.

BTW...I'm workin on a new Graphic for ya, for your header. STILL don't understand why that mother fucker can't be Full Screen!


Swamprat is the guy that designed my header for the blog.
We get along pretty good, good enough that we can disagree about something, tell each other to fuck off and nobody gets butt-hurt.


Okay, now to answer your question:
Yup, I was dead serious and my points are pretty clear as to why. It's not a protest vote, Bro. It's a Principle Vote. I demand a return to a Constitutional Government, nothing more, nothing less. Romney has no intention of reinstating our political system as it was designed after much thought, effort and consideration by our Founding Fathers.

I cannot in good conscience berate our current politicians and advocate for a return to a Constitutional Government day after day and then vote for any candidate that doesn't share my beliefs and thoughts.

I do intend to vote as is my duty and if there is a federal office to be filled, the President of The United States included, who does not have a candidate that meets my expectations, I will vote for nobody.

State and local offices are a different matter. These are politicians whose policies directly impact my life. I vote for every office, measure, bond issue, everything. And strangely enough, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the political party.

One of my favorite politicians was a blue dog democrat named Gary Condit. Some of you probably only knew him as the congressman that was involved with Chandra Levy, the intern who went missing but was later found to have been murdered. I remember him as a man that made things happen and wouldn't bow to his own party's pressures if it was bad for his constituents.
I should probably add that I'm biased - the Condit's are local, everybody in Ceres knows the family and knew Gary as a kid. His parents came out to California from the Dust Bowl about the same time as my grandparents did - hell, Gary's daddy preached my Granddad's funeral a couple years ago.
But now I'm hearing that Gary's son Chad is running for Congress (I think) under the Independent label. I'll be following him real close to see how he is.