Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lesson learned?

Yeah, so I'm cruising down the freeway this morning right about coyote dawn on my way to work and I see this motherfucker on the other side of the freeway waving his arms, obviously trying to signal traffic. When I get up opposite him I can see he's dropped a ladder off his truck and it's laying lengthwise across the #1 (fast) lane.
Traffic ain't that heavy on that side, maybe a car every hundred yards, but every fucking one of them hit that ladder. Every one. I can almost understand the first car hitting it as he's texting and driving, but by the time I got out of range there were 9-10 cars pulled over, brake lights and emergency blinkers everywhere and motherfuckers were still piling in to it. You'd have figured that somebody would figure out that something was going on that might warrant their attention. Now it was light enough that I could see across the median so I know that silver ladder could be seen in the road and there was enough distance between cars that it could be avoided no matter how much it was flying around.
Kalifornia can pass laws against driving and texting but all the tickets in the world won't teach a lesson like that just did.