Monday, May 14, 2012

Talking Surveillance Cameras Coming to U.S. Streets

Talking surveillance cameras that bark orders at passers-by and can also record conversations are heading for U.S. streets, with manufacturer Illuminating Concepts announcing the progress of its ‘Intellistreets’ system.


I know what the ones around here would say: "AUGHHH.... QUIT FUCKING SHOOTING ME!!!!!"


Brian in Florida said...

Ker-Pow, swoosh, per-tink. clash, bing pow, Oh yea love me some pellet gun in the morning.

rpm2day said...

They've been in UK for awhile. They are also starting to, ah, combust.

Cheesy said...

I'm wondering what effect the more high powered lasers (burn your skin power) would have on the sensor of a surv. cam?