Saturday, May 12, 2012

WHAT??!!! They didn't send in SWAT?

FREEPORT (KDKA) — The case of the four overdue library books and the little girl who borrowed them is closed, thanks in part to local police who were sent to investigate the case.
Four-year-old Katelyn Jageman’s books were due back to the Freeport Area Library on Oct. 19, 2011. Until Thursday, they were still in her possession. Library officials said after several attempts to retrieve the books, the case was turned over to police, who made a courtesy call to the child’s home.
“It’s a rare incident, but it does occur,” said Donna Michael, President of the Freeport Area Library Board.
After phone calls and letters to the family, Michael admitted she alerted authorities and put the problem in their hands.
“I did turn the file over to the police department,” she said.
The library receives no federal funding and relies on memberships, donations, and a secondhand shop to survive.
“We’re here to serve the community and we try to do it as best we can, and all we really want is to have our library materials returned,” said Michael.
At a rate of ten cents a day over a 204-day period, Katelyn owed the library $81.60.


rpm2day said...

Nothing like tempering justice with a little mercy. Called the police? I am depressed.

Anonymous said...

That`s the kind of lame ass chickenshit to be expected in this place anymore.

DukkButt said...

Question is what should they have done? Private property and voluntary contracts are essential to true Liberty. You can't fault the library for trying to enforce a voluntary private contract and recovering their property, especially after multiple attempts at contact to return the books. Liberty involves responsibility. If you say you are all for Liberty, except when you don't like the cosequences, then you really aren't all for Liberty.