Sunday, June 17, 2012

Damn. First Whitney Houston, now Rodney King. Oh well.

RIALTO, Calif. -- Rodney King, whose videotaped 1991 beating by Los Angeles police officers led to riots, was found dead Sunday morning. He was 47.
King's representative, Suzanne Wickman, confirmed to KABC-TV that King's fiancee found him dead at his home.
Police sources told TMZ that officers responded to a call at a home in Rialto, about 55 miles east of Los Angeles, at 5:25am local time.
They removed King from the bottom of a swimming pool and attempted CPR. He was pronounced dead at 6:11am, sources said.
Police in Rialto will investigate King's death as a drowning, according to TMZ.
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So yes, it is true - drugs do kill. I just wish it wouldn't take so damned long.