Monday, June 11, 2012

A good hunter uses all of his kill

Los Angeles County officials are investigating what appeared to be a pair of lungs found on a sidewalk in unincorporated South Los Angeles.
A citizen called to report what she thought were the organs about 8:30 p.m. Sunday in the 13100 block of Avalon Boulevard, said Sgt. Robert Dean of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
Deputies responded and called the coroner's office to the scene. Additional testing will be done to determine if the remains are in fact lungs and whether they are human, Dean said.
"We don't know what they are," Dean said. "It's really weird."


Okay, deer is season will be here in Kalifornia shortly. Does everybody know what to do with the heart and lungs and brains of their kills? Think of the gut pile dumped in the middle of the road.
Why am I even having to suggest this to you?


Anonymous said...

Look man, I know that there is a proper way to dispose of spare bits of offal from a dead deer, but postage is getting expensive. Takes a lot of the those "forever" stamps to mail a deer spleen or colon to the political party office of one's choice (the postal service doesn't much care for you using their scales to weigh them either, so you end up having to do it at home). Besides, if you send a deer colon to the democrats, they give it a good squeeze and mail the contents back out as campaign literature.

What's a fellow to do?

Wraith said...

Hey, I'm saving the heart for myself--that's good eatin' right there!!

The brains, however, we could mail to DC. They seem to have a severe shortage, and I'm nothing if not helpful...!!

J Beck said...

You called it (as usual!).

Coroner: Lungs Found On Compton Sidewalk Not Human