Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Good Deed of the Week and I wasn't even trying!

Via email, concerning this post:

To wirecutter and all the guys who responded:
Thank you so much from the heart of a not-20-year-old-not-size-2 woman. Sometimes MILFy Monday gets a little depressing. And a lot of us bigger gals see the "competition" and think "what the hell? I may as well go bake cookies." It's nice to know that somewhere out there, there's a man or two that appreciates softness and warmth. Gives me hope.
See, that's something that stick women don't understand - we like women that can bake cookies, a nice dinner and will sit down and eat them with us instead of drinking a fucking diet drink and eating a piece of toast.
Older women rock.
And you are welcome.