Sunday, July 15, 2012

We all make mistakes, son.

Your biggest mistake was tattooing a woman's name on your arm. That's a mistake for 2 reasons - #1 it's bad luck for a relationship and #2 it's gonna cost you money to cover or modify it and that's money that should be going to your divorce lawyer along with the proceeds from the sale of your house, truck and other assorted shit you apparently can do without.


davecydell said...

Oh, that's a bucket of cold water in the assholes face

Toejam said...

I don't put anything (tats or studs) in my flesh PEROID!

No matter how drunk I got in J-ville, NC when I was in the crotch, something in the back of my mind refused to let me get the campaign wearing bulldog on my bicep.

Sevesteen said...

Reminds me of Air Force Tech School--guy in my squadron met a girl, dated her, she dated me, he 'attempted suicide' over her by eating a bottle of tylenol, she took him back, he tattooed her name on his arm, she was kicked out of the Air Force, and they were married. All in 6 weeks.

Buckaroo said...

A better tattoo we all would appreciate is, "Slut happens!"