Sunday, August 19, 2012

Woman who rescued animals killed in dog attack

As much shit as I've caught over my Big Bad Wolf post from all the PETAphiles and Kumbaya-ers I wish the headline had read Wolf attack instead.
It's too bad the young lady died, but the simple fact of the matter is that not all living creatures respond to love and cuddles, and they just don't understand that all you want to do is give them a kiss and a doggie treat.
Some animals you just have to stay the fuck away from.


A Georgia college student who cared for abandoned animals for nearly a decade was attacked and killed by a dog, police said.
Rebecca Carey, 23, was killed at her Decatur home sometime over the weekend, reports.
Authorities said Carey, who worked with dogs since she was a young teenager, had five dogs living with her at the time of her death. They included a pit bull, which she had owned for six years, a boxer mix and a Presa, a large Spanish breed. She was also dogsitting another Presa for a friend.
Carey’s body was discovered Sunday afternoon after she failed to show up for work at Alpharetta’s Loving Hands Animal Clinic. The dogs that she was caring for in her home were euthanized on Wednesday. It was unclear which dog killed Carey

Oh, and for you folks that don't know what a Presa is, here's a picture for you:
They run about 150 pounds. Here's a better picture to help you put things into perspective.

So yeah, you can see that these animals aren't your basic cuddly critters that just need love.
I consider myself to be a pretty good dog man - I've got a pretty good handle on how a dog's mind works, how they reason and what works when dealing with them but if you were to ask me if I would ever own a Presa my answer would be at this time, no. I have no use for a kill dog. Would I trust it if I owned one? Absolutely not. I wouldn't even go around it unless I was armed. But unlike 23 year old female college students, I know my limitations.