Thursday, August 23, 2012

The past couple of days here

Well, it's been a couple of days since I lost my Pops. Yes, it's sad but on the other hand you get to experience another part of life.

Thank God for my Uncle Ed. He's been like a fucking Rock through all this. Every time I went to Pops in the last days, he was either there already or just arriving. He's a hard motherfucker too - I ain't never seen that man shook up, even when he personally turned off the life support for his son after a car accident a few years back.

There's a bunch of shit that goes along with all that and it has to be done when you're at your lowest, right after you lost a loved one. Obviously it's a loved one, otherwise they'd just be chained up and deposited in a reservoir like...... never mind.
The family went to the mortuary and cemetery yesterday to make arrangements and I had a blast. I raided the candy jars in every room, tried to sneak a camel toe picture of one of the receptionists, passed out xanax to everybody in the room even offering some to the 'bereavement' dudes and babe - they refused and they were the ones that needed it the most - and was finally threatened with an escort when they caught me and Ed wandering the halls looking for the room they keep the dead dudes in. Them motherfuckers need to get a sense of humor, man.

I woke up this morning to a text from my little brother threatening me with a restraining order because I jerked his ass up short right after Pops died for being disrespectful. No, I did not break his rib like he claimed, I didn't thump him that hard. Fucking drama queen......

I took a couple weeks off work. Mom held the funeral off until the 1st so that we could get all of his family and friends here from all over the world. Some of these motherfuckers I haven't seen since I was a pup, so it's going to be interesting. Bunch of old dudes sitting around, drinking whiskey, telling war stories, trying to make everybody else believe that if only Westmoreland had just listened to him..... it's gonna be great.

So yeah, we all know life sucks and sometimes life kicks your ass. But if you don't stand up to it, deal with it and move on, then that's a lick on you.