Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life sentence for Taking Care of Business

A Washington man who gunned down two convicted sex offenders offered little in the way of apology even as he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.
Patrick Drum, 34, hailed by some as a vigilante hero and others as a cold-blooded killer, called the grief the victim's families felt "collateral damage that I feel bad about."
"As far as the men themselves," he said at his sentencing Tuesday referring to the two men he admits to killing in June, "actions speak louder than words."
Drum shot Gary Lee Blanton, 28, on June 2 at the home both men shared near Sequim, Wash. The following morning, Dunn shot and killed Jerry Wayne Ray, 57.
Both men were known to Drum and were registered as Level 2 sex offenders, meaning the state believed they presented a moderate risk of recidivism.


Where he fucked up was by killing them. He'd have gotten less time if he just just tied them up, cut their dicks off and then lopped off their fingers one by one every half hour with dull pruning shears so they'll never have the ability to abuse a child or woman again in any way.
But that's just me. I'm kinda funny that way, I despise anybody that will pick on or fuck with somebody obviously weaker or more disadvantaged than themselves. Don't even get me started on people that abuse the elderly.....