Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm glad I don't shoot a double stacked 9mm

Me and Lisa took off for a ride today, headed up to Mariposa and then wandered back home through the southern mines. You gotta understand that whenever I take off like this I never drive straight there or come straight home. I'm forever wandering on little side jaunts to check out shit that I discovered 30 years ago or something that somebody told me about months ago. I can turn a 30 mile trip into an all day affair without even trying. Let me put it this way: I once left the house for gas and ended up in Salt Lake City a couple of days later.
You can see what I mean about today. We started out where the little man is and headed southeast along the bottom route and returned home on the other one.

Anyways, after being in the jap car for a few hours my ass was beginning to fucking ache, below my belt line and my left ass cheek. Fucking sciatica acting up. Or so I thought until I got to the Savemart right before we got home and I reached for my wallet and ran across my reload in my back pocket. Two hundred miles sitting on a loaded 45 magazine......