Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hatin' on the NRA today

I've been an NRA member several times. In my elementary school days our shooting ranges were all sponsored by the NRA as were our coaches so to me it was a great thing. I still think so today - if that's all they did was teach kids how to shoot, I'd send them a check every month.
Where was I going with this..... oh yeah. The last time I joined was on a 3 day drunk and honestly don't remember doing it until I started getting shit in the mail. Anyways, horrified at what I'd done, I packaged up all their stickers and patches and membership information and mailed it back to them with a nice note explaining the circumstances and I'm sorry but I don't want to be a part of your pussy organization, I was all fucked up and hey! you can even keep the 35 bucks but please please please remove my name from your membership rolls and especially your motherfucking mailing lists.
It didn't work.
I got solicitations for the next 2 years. Nothing but fucking junk mail begging me for money to block this bill or that bill. Then my membership expired and after the initial burst of re-up mail, it actually tapered off to maybe one mailing a month. Then all of a sudden for some reason it fucking exploded. I came home one day to nothing but NRA shit, about 10 or 12 envelopes. Godammit!!! So as I was sitting there I had this brilliant idea - I got one of my business cards (see the sidebar) and added Toaster 802's Green Mountain Homesteading and Sam Kerodin's III Percent Patriots blog addresses and mailed it back to the NRA. Nothing else, just the card and my old NRA number.
Haven't heard a word from those motherfuckers since.

So I'm hearing that the new gun ban list has been leaked and from what I've seen it makes Kalifornia's bans look like wide-open Freedom.
If you own a semi-auto with a pistol grip and/or a shitload of other features, you're on the list. I didn't pay too much attention to the list of firearms named specifically or features that will be banned - I could give a fuck less about gun laws anyways. They're just there to annoy me.
Yeah. Here's when we start hearing the lines about 'Those laws don't affect my guns' or 'Guns like that only have one purpose - to kill people' or how about 'Times are changing'. You know what pisses me off? The last time the ban was enacted I heard every one of those lines and more from NRA members. I actually heard somebody I work with that was moonlighting at a gun shop say that bullshit about not it affecting his beloved A-bolts. He's a big hunter, travels the world in fact, and he Is The NRA according to them.
Which brings me to my rant: The fucking NRA is going to make a bundle off this with donations and new memberships to help fight this ban. But I gotta wonder just how much are you going to have to give up to keep from losing everything? Because that's the way the game is played. Think about this for a second - the NRA today is worth millions if not billions and has been for as long as I can remember, enough to buy off every congressman on the hill, although that's not my point.
The NRA is going to negotiate (they're lobbyists, remember?) the ban away if they can but you're going to have to give something up in the process. Why? Because the NRA exists because of gun laws. There's no fucking way in hell they're going to go full bore into restoring your 2A Rights - that would be like killing the goose that laid the golden egg.
You watch, though. If that ban is enacted, you're going to see NRA members lining up to turn in their listed guns, I fucking guarantee it.