Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oh Lord, I can see it now

Lisa has hauled in about a billion Christmas decorations and has started unpacking them, and there is shit everywhere. One of the things that she unpacked and plugged in right away is a Santa and Mrs Claus thingies that are about a foot tall and have little motors in the bases so they rotate back and forth. Actually kind of pretty with their festive clothing and hand painted faces, you know?
CharlieGodammit was outside and all of a sudden he sees them through the patio door and starts barking. He doesn't know what the fuck they are but they're moving and they're in the house. I don't know what he's nutting up about so I go out and he comes shooting in. He doesn't attack but stands back about 2 or 3 feet woofing them, so I pull him back next to me where he's laying right now, growling and snarling a little, and told Lisa that those two things might not be a real good idea for the house and told her why. She says "Oh, I'll just put them up high. He'll be all right."
I'll be posting pictures of the aftermath soon enough, I reckon.