Saturday, November 24, 2012


Got to get over and check out TSP, a new blog put up by a long time commenter and contributor. It's a nice mix of politics with a III slant, bikes, and everyday life.
No shit, he actually has a Starret Tap/Drill table as a post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Wirecutter, your readers really jump started my place!

wirecutter said...

It was me mentioning the chart that did the trick, man.

Brian In Florida said...

A mind is a tricky place to play, especialy mine. I read the first few words, saw TSP and immediatly thought hell yes! Trisodium Phosphate is the shit! A few MORE words made it to my head and I went..Oh.. A Blog Cool! Nice Blog by they way thanks.
It is an adventure living in my head sometimes.
Thanks WC for helping me expand my mind.