Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Uh-oh. The Sipsey Street Irregulars are getting cranky.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Bomb threats to 30 courthouses and other government buildings across Tennessee forced many to be evacuated Tuesday, including the federal building in Memphis, but authorities said no explosives were found.
Tennessee became the fourth state to deal with similar bomb hoaxes. One targeted 28 courthouses in Oregon and similar threats were reported in Nebraska and Washington this month.
Nine threats were reported in West Tennessee counties — including the Memphis federal building — seven in Middle Tennessee and 14 in East Tennessee, said Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security spokeswoman Dalya Qualls.
No arrests have been made in Tennessee and authorities had searched about 14 courthouses by Tuesday afternoon.


Motherfuckers must've run out of rocks to chuck through windows.
Hey, who the fuck warns somebody before they blow them up? I learned a long time ago that if somebody's talking about doing something instead of just doing it, there's a reason they're talking shit.


Anonymous said...

Updated verion of being "Swatted"?

Anonymous said...

The murdering scum of the IRA used to warn the authorities of a bomb and then when people were herded awy from that scene, a second bomb blew up in the area to where people had sought safety. That's the murdering scum of the 'Irish Republican Army' who were supported for many years by thousands of Americans who believed that the IRA were simply, 'good old boyos' from the old country, until Al Quaeda showed them that they were just the same.

Anonymous said...

Motherfuckers must've run out of rocks to chuck through windows.

Now that's funny!

Bill Nye

wirecutter said...

Penseivat, I've studied the Troubles trying to figure out what it's all about. Hell, it's so confusing I doubt either side can figure out what started it or kept it going all these years.
But I can tell you this - most Americans (myself included) think that the Catholics of Northern Ireland just want to out from under British occupation and we have a little sympathy for that.
Again, I do not consider myself to be an expert or even well informed on the subject despite the volumes I've read about it.