Saturday, December 08, 2012

My "anti' law enforcement posts

Okay, time for me to clear a few things up seeing as I'm pissing more than a few people up with my "anti" law enforcement posts.

First off, I want to say that I am a law abiding citizen. Not because I'm afraid of going to prison but because I treat others with courtesy and respect. I respect other people's Rights to exist and other people's property. I obey traffic laws because they are there for a reason.
I have no felony convictions (or arrests), I have never been to prison and the only jail time I have ever served was the mandatory 2 days for a DUI 31 years ago and the 13 days I served because I couldn't afford to pay the fine for the same conviction, which incidentally I pled guilty to because I was, well, guilty as hell, realized it and was willing to accept the consequences.
I have had 3 tickets in my entire life, one for speeding and 2 for seatbelts and none within the last 20 years. I do not drink nor use drugs any longer, although I don't care if you do. It's a personal choice for me.
So no, I am not a bitter ex-convict with an axe to grind. As a matter of fact, I've probably got a cleaner record than most housewives out there.

So why all the negative posts on police agencies? Because I'm seeing more and more of their abuses in the MSM. You know it's getting fucking bad when the MSM is reporting them and recognizing the threats.
Another reason is because of their militarization and growing disregard of American Rights, as well as some of them, particularly the federal agencies, being unconstitutional. How in the fuck is DHS and the BATF and FBI constitutional? The FBI investigates federal crimes but violates our Rights by doing their jobs. BATF exists for one reason and one reason only - to violate our Rights. The same thing goes for DHS and TSA. The IRS exists for one reason only - to strongarm us out of our earnings.
The only federal agencies that I can tell that are Constitutional is Customs and to a certain extent, the Border Patrol as long as they keep their asses on the border and not setting up checkpoints and doing searches without a warrant or probable cause 100 miles away from the borders.
I can go on and on about federal agencies but this post is already too long.

As far as local police agencies go, what I see is a desire to stop crime - no matter what the cost is to non-criminals. Do they really expect to do that and have the support of all of the people they're fucking over? Sorry, you infringe on my freedom and I'm going to be resentful. For example: a DUI checkpoint. You stop and interrogate me in order to take drunks off the road. I know, it's only for a few seconds but still, you're chipping away at my Rights. Yeah, I know, how childish of me to be angry over that.
One of the main things I have against most police forces is their militarization with their dress, weapons, tactics and equipment. The police force in Modesto, I swear to God, think they're some sort of elite force. All it does is make them look like a bunch of fucking idiots when they're driving around in their patrol cars in a city of 200,000 while dressed in desert camo. Camo in an urban environment? If they want to look like soldiers, why didn't they either join or stay in the military? Because they might actually get shot at or have a job that's as dangerous as they seem to think theirs is?
They bemoan the fact that people have less and less respect for them anymore. Do you think that it's because of the way they dress? Folks for the most part are brought up to respect police officers but when they're all camo'ed out they look like soldiers, not policemen. You cooperate with cops, you resist occupying troops.
As I said in the comments of a post earlier today, I do believe that most policemen join the force because they honestly want to serve and protect but because they end up dealing with the dregs of society they become jaded and start believing that there are only two types of people - victims or perpetrators. They forget that the huge majority of the population are simply honest, law abiding citizens that want nothing more than to be left alone - by the criminals and the police.
You think I'm full of shit? Try telling a cop no sometime and watch them get all bent out of shape because you questioned their authority. The next time a cop pulls you over for a ticket and he asks you where you're going or coming from, tell him sorry, but you don't give personal information to strangers and watch his reaction. The fact of the matter is, if he pulled you over for speeding, it's none of his fucking business where you've been or where you're going to. He has all the information he needs in his hands (assuming you're law abiding and have your license, insurance and registration up to date) to write your ticket. He has no reason to know your business. His reaction will be to tell you that he's investigating a crime that involved a vehicle that looks just like yours and if you don't tell him, you will be arrested for obstructing an investigation.
(I worked nights for many years getting off at 2 AM and my route home put me in downtown Modesto right at 3 AM and I got pulled over every Friday night by the same cop for a month and was told the same thing every time until I went to his watch commander and told him that I was tired of that shit and will be recording and documenting every stop from then on. Funny thing, but crimes involving 1964 Chevy trucks on Friday nights mysteriously stopped after that.)

All that being said, I have had no problems with the police in the town where I live as I stated in an earlier post. Nor have I had any problems with the California Highway Patrol who issued me every ticket I've ever received. Even though I got well deserved tickets, I was treated with respect and courtesy and an attitude like that guarantees that I will be respectful and courteous to the next CHP that pulls me over.
You get what you give.


Glenn B said...

I have not been reading as much of others' blogs as I should have been reading lately, thus I have not seen those comments berating you as some sort of a cop hater.

I understand all of your gripes with law enforcement and I also agree with about 95 to 98% of them. I think you state them plainly and openly nd intelligently and sensibly in the great majority of instances all without meaning insult to law enforcers who actually are law abiding enforcers of our Constitution. I say all that after having served as a federal agent for 32 plus years.

As for this particular post, you missed a couple of federal law enforcement agencies that are Constitutional: Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), as it enforces only Immigration and Customs Laws and both the former U.S. Cusroms Service and U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service are Constitutional authorities. The U.S. Coast Guard (more so LE than militarty), Customs & Border protection (which is only half of what were once INS and US Customs, the other half of each of those agencies are in HSI). There are a few others but not many for which it can be seen, in the Constitution, there would be an implied authority for the goverment to create them.

Keep the eyeball on the police and the feds, they need the oversight. The more we share about excesses or abuses of authority the better.

All the best,
Glenn B


stevierayv said...

perfectly said that post there is a thing of beauty.good job wirecuter

MSgt B said...

"You cooperate with cops, you resist occupying troops."

Nice. I'm saving that.

You're starting to sound all intelligent and shit. Better knock that off, or you'll start to get in REAL trouble.

Anonymous said...

Just finished doing my "30" w/ a large So Cal. agency. I have many, many stories. I worked in all aspects of the job from bailiff, to custody to patrol with stints in detect.units incl.invest.of allegations of criminal behavior against officers (a whole 'nother story). Wirecutter, you are right about most young cops intentions on getting into the "job." I truly wanted to help people and fight "crime." The reality of the job sinks in after a few years and makes you realize that you can't be the superhero you thought you could be. I did catch many burglars, robbers, (1)rapist and a kidnapper,the usual drug dealers/users and car thieves. I made a few off-duty arrests (211,245pc)during my career and got a black eye in one incident for my trouble and several years later a lil plaque(lol). Several years back Sgt.) my boys/girls (subords)and I organized food, clothing and bedding giveaways to the homeless each year and most stations have that type of interaction with the community at Christmas/Thanksgiving (toys and food). Every daily briefing incl. mention of the 1st,2nd and 4th amendment and their application as it related to law enforcement. I encouraged the young offficers to follow the "spirit" of the law, not always the letter of the law, much to the chagrin of those in positions higher than I. I spoke daily of never "citing" a "working man" and instead concentrate on the true assholes (gangsters). To treat each contact as if it were your wife/mother/sister/brother etc. (not always easy) Even with all the guidance you will have some hard heads who get "badge heavy." Like in any profession you will have bad apples, some worse than others. The "brass" is in a world of their own, worried mainly about risk management. I butted my head constantly with Lt.s/capt. and was blackballed as a result. Lots of politics on departments. Anyways long post, it was not an "easy" career,too much to say, but there are alot of family oriented conservative/patriotic cops out there, who even off duty, would come to your aid if you were being attacked. If you come across a bad one try not to condemn all. I too have become aware of the many criminal acts being committed by "cops" X the USA and am sickened by it. Ps Thanks for waking me up re: The Patriot/III/Citadel movement etc. Dems/Repubs etc.. After 30 years of supporting the r's I have left the bldg. and become indep. I found your site via Sondrakistan after your "incident" ;)


Brian said...


I have been here reading you daily for years. It's not that I even disagree. It just gets tiresome.

It's your blog. You get to write what you want.

I got into law enforcement for all the right reasons. I never turned into an asshole. In fact, I stayed true to myself and I didn't kiss anyone's ass to get where I got. I have witnesses.

They don't give me a blue ribbon for doing what I should have done.

I don't kiss ass here either. There are hundreds of thousands of good cops yet I have not seen one decent post about any of them.

So I agree with most of what you write. I resisted SWAT teams, I resisted military uniforms and sneaky tactics. I disciplined cops and fired them for fucking with people. So yea, I get that those people are out there.

When you focus solely on the bad shit- oddly enough- all you see is bad shit.

So yea, I don't give two shits if every reader on your blog wants to chime in. I paid my dues. I don't shit on my occupation or apologize for it...just as I am sure you would not. That's all I'm saying.



wirecutter said...

Brian, I admire you for your stance and I do wish there were more officers like you and Boarshide. I really do.
The thing is, good news is no news and we never hear about the little things like an officer buying a meal for a homeless family - I know that happens because I did see it once.
What we hear about is cops shooting family dogs, breaking in the wrong door and lying to obtain search warrants. What bothers me is the 'Blue Line' that allows the bad cops to operate without fear of reprisal even though the good cops know about their deeds.
I got raided in 1987 for operating a crank lab. Not only did the raiding party not find a lab, they didn't even find any evidence of meth use. I obtained the paperwork to support the warrant and Deputy Ray Coyle (now employed by MPD as a homicide detective) lied like a motherfucking dog. Why he thought I was running a lab, I'll never know. He opened my eyes to the fact that cops are no better than the people they are supposed to be arresting.

Brian said...

I understand.

I canned 4 cops for lying. I am sure all of those pricks still hate me. Some are still cops.

Peace brother.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The only Constitutional Law-enforcement Agency would be the US Marshal. Get your copy out and read it. As for the above claim of INS/Boarder patrol, nope, that was a joint duty assigned to the Army to protect our boarders and the US Marshal. The primary Law-Enforcment in the US was the County Sheriff.



Hillbilly said...

Good stuff, bubba. I have been preaching on my blog about cops pulling people over for having the Gadsden flag on their car and they're misunderstanding of what it means. I've spoken with several cops I know and they all said the same thing; that DHS had taught them to find a reason to pull those cars over by using any means possible so they can be searched. The flag sticker supposedly means those people are some of those "sovereignty" nuts. These were all older veterans with experience. Imagine what the young guys will do. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune of living in Modesto in the mid-1980's and couldn't get out of there fast enough. Between the trailer trash druggie culture and the neo-Nazi cops, it was almost impossible for a normal person to live a normal life.

At the time I owned several Japanese motorcycles from the late 1960's, and every time I'd ride one to work I'd get stopped for a minimum of 30 minutes while the local cops had to try to figure out what it was, if it was street legal, and if I owned it.

Then the druggies. After having my garage broken into and my tools, camping equipment and one motorcycle stolen, I had to barricade the doors so it took forever to get them open and get anything out. The day I caught two of them and held them at gunpoint, it took MPD 45 minutes to get someone over to take them away. I'm sure it was because they were busy screwing with someone on a motorcycle, or shining their jackboots.

Cheesy said...

How many 'good' cops look the other way and don't say anything when a brother cop does something illegal?
That makes you part of the problem too.