Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quit sweating the small shit

Man, my goddamned inbox is filling faster than I can empty it about this proposed gun law, that gun law, this senator and this congressman and ohmygoodness whatever are we going to do?

Well, if you consider yourself to be a Patriot, why in the fuck are you even worrying about unconstitutional gun laws? Do you plan on obeying them, or what? If you're going to let some shithead career politician that hasn't read the Constitution since high school dictate your Rights and your way of life to you, maybe you should rethink your III position.

Everybody's running down and buying all the soon-to-be-banned guns and ammo they can find and are now worrying about the fact that they may "have" to register them later. Well, no shit - you knew that was going to happen and now you're worrying about it?

Ask yourself a question and give yourself an honest answer:
Are you buying these guns just because everybody else is or are you buying them because you're going to make a stand and say "FUCK YOU" to the feds (or state) when they tell you to register them so they know where to come get them later?
No comments, please. Those questions were for you to ask yourself. I already know what my fucking answer is.


Lee III just sent me this concerning this post. I'm adding it because I think it's pretty damned appropriate for the times.


The band Shine Down has a great lyric in their song "Sound of Madness"

The darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun
But when are you going to wake up and fight?

Every man and woman must choose their own path. I pray we choose the correct one.