Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Excuse me Sir, can you spare a dollar?

Apparently Mikey's disciples over at Sipsey Street Irregulars aren't too bright either. I got a half dozen anonymous comments criticizing me and my post, even though it says in BIG BOLD letters directly above the comment box that ANONYMOUS COMMENTS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED.

Fuck y'all. It's one thing to read somebody's blog, but to actually become a devotee and follower of his every word and command is just a little weird. Next thing ya know, y'all are going to be running around in camouflage robes with your heads shaved except for a top knot, soliciting donations at airports with copies of  "Absolved" in your hands.


Adam posted this as a comment in a post over at Kerodin's, then emailed it to me asking if I'd post it here as well.

I am slightly embarrassed but I must confess being introduced to the III by MBV and the Story of Sipsey St. Good stuff. I went as far as to donate some to his cause and followed through some of the Fast and Furious Debacle. 

But the truth was showing through his postings. Ad Hominem and worse. Unbelievable Bigotry. His hand out always, if not money, then sympathy. I witnessed unwarranted public attacks upon a man trying to do good works.

All at a time when 'we' needed to be getting together, not attacking each other. I even posted to the primary parties that they were losing their audience because of the BS. MBV did not stand down. The latest is just vindication of my position.

No Mike, stick it in your ear. You are the worst that we have to offer, the movement, certainly the country, perhaps the world, is better off without you.