Tuesday, January 15, 2013

For MVB at Sipsey Street Irregulars

Hey Mikey,
                  Shut the fuck up.
   What have YOU done for the Patriot Community? Not. A. Goddamned. Thing.
   All anybody hears from you is criticism and whining and moaning - unless it involves you.

   When I first got involved with the online Patriot community a few years ago, your site was the first one I stumbled onto. You aroused my curiosity and I immediately emailed you 4 times over the course of 4 days with questions on your stances on various issues. How many replies did I get back? Nary a one, Mikey. I guess you were to fucking busy with that never-ending book of yours to pay any attention to us newcomers. But guess what - while I was new to the online community, I wasn't new to the Patriot ideals. What I was wanting was a little confirmation that there were others out there that thought like me.
   It took me about a week of reading your site to see you for what you really are - a whiney little bitch. It's all about Mikey, isn't it? If you didn't think of it first, it's immediately a bad idea. But you can't leave well enough alone just to disagree about something, you have to try and discredit the people involved.

   I have news for you, Mikey. The people involved in the Citadel are PATRIOTS from every walk of life and your constant shit-smearing does more to divide those who need to unite than any other thing I've come across. You and your disciples need to take a long hard look at the damage you're causing and Shut the fuck up.
   Fuck you, Mikey.