Sunday, January 20, 2013

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OBAMA'S WORLD: Secrets and Deceptions

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Book Description:
In America, wouldn’t it be great: if we could trust our elected leaders; if we knew our votes counted; if our tax dollars were used wisely for all Americans; if real American idealism would last forever? Or, can this patriotic idealism even survive the current insidious danger from within that Thomas Jefferson warned us about? 

American leadership is dashing toward different political aspirations, not guided by our Constitution. Using the ruse of protecting the planet, improving people’s lives, and preventing wars, this perilous movement grows stronger. What are its signs; what is its attack mode? 

First, free speech is strangled by charges of racism, insensitivity, or greed. Second, Christianity is being attacked more viciously. Third, real education has been destroyed by the U.S. Department of Education, to develop a cultural student rather than a literate student. Fourth, we have no protective energy policy. Fifth, our southern border remains an open invitation to jihadist sleeper cells. The last sign is when the right to own and bear arms is eliminated.

Will our Constitution continue to be ignored? The election in 2016, if we are allowed elections that year, might give that answer. 

This book is written to give the author’s view regarding these events and questions. His view was not calculated and prepared in a single setting of writing a book based on one viewpoint at one time. This is a compilation of blogs and letters to the editor evolving over a period of three years. The writings were extracted from events, announcements, and conclusions as they occurred. 

The authors’ conclusion is that we are living in a time most perilous to the existence of America as we now know it. His writings indicate that the current president, Barack Obama, is the source of this peril to America and the world. 

God bless America