Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting careless in my advanced years

Man, I had wrapped my coyote rifle entirely with camo barrel wrap earlier and finally got around to taking all that shit off this weekend for a good thorough detailed cleaning while Lisa was gone taking her grandkids to the Walmart in Tennessee.
I about shit when I unwrapped it. My barrel was rougher than hell from the adhesive and so I took some solvent to it to get all that stickiness off it and the synthetic stock. After about five minutes of scrubbing I ran my fingers down the barrel and it was still rough. The stock was fine but the barrel..... not so good. Oh fuck, I had been hunting in near zero temps and then took the rifle into a warm(er) tent - I just knew that the wrap had trapped moisture between it and the barrel and caused pitting.
I went on a frantic search for rubbing alcohol and couldn't find any in the house so I stopped, took a deep breath and went to bed. The next morning I went to the drug store and bought a big ol' jug of 90% alcohol and commenced to rubbing and scrubbing.
Whew. It was just dried adhesive, not pitting and the alcohol took it off in just a couple of minutes. But I learned a valuable lesson - when I clean a weapon, clean the entire weapon from the crown to the buttpad - not just the action, trigger assembly, bore and scope. It would've flat pissed me off if I had ruined the barrel (even  if it was just the outside) by my own stupid negligence.
So, that funny popping noise you were wondering about the other night was me pulling my head out of my ass.