Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sounds like a set up to me

Saw this over at Brock's Free North Carolina
Is it just me or does anybody else find it a little odd that a firearms dealer, a man that's accustomed to safe firearms handling practices, had not one but TWO firearms there that he thought were unloaded? And before you blow me off, these guns came from his inventory and most certainly had been checked and cleared several times prior to coming to the show.
Yeah, I ain't buying it either.

An Iowa gun dealer was hospitalized after he accidentally shot himself in the hand before a gun show Friday afternoon at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.
The 54-year-old St. Charles resident told police he was showing off a .25 caliber pistol he thought was unloaded when he slid the action of the gun causing it to fire. The bullet went through his left palm, according to a Polk County Sheriff’s report.
The shooting occurred in 4H Exhibit Hall about an hour before the three-day gun show began.
The man told police he was trying to dry fire, or fire the gun without a round in it. He said the gun was unloaded when he checked it earlier in the week and he didn’t know who would have loaded it. Police found another loaded gun on the man’s table and unloaded it, according to the report.


WiscoDave said...

Back when I taught Hunter Ed the WDNR would warn us about the possible threat of anti-hunters taking a class only to place a live round in one of the firearms we used to train on handling. Never had an issue, BUT...

BrianS said...

That is not the first or the last time that has happened. Whether it is dumbamas lackeys or common anti gun sacks o crap is unclear. Beware!

Anonymous said...

Based on the threats and calls to violence from the left against firearm owners, I think we'll see more of this..

- Rumson

pdwalker said...

I was always taught that the gun is ALWAYS loaded. How can you shoot yourself if you assume the gun is ALWAYS loaded?

That's the part I'm having trouble with.

Robert Fowler said...

It was before the show opened. I didn't even hear the gun go off and I was about 50 ft away. I sure want to know how 2 guns that are supposed to have wire ties on them got loaded.