Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You're setting the price, folks.

Bobby writes in:

The Great Southern Gun and Knife show is in Kenner, Louisiana this weekend. I live in Metairie about 6 miles from there. Safe to say, I won't be there! It's been coming around alot - about twice a month. This past weekend it was in Gonzales, LA. about 50 miles from here. My buddy went to get ammo because there is nothing worth having at any of our stores. Academy has not had a .22 on the shelf for a while now. Don't even look for .38,.357,.40,.41, .44, 5.56, 5.7,  or 7.62 x ANYTHING. Need shotgun shells, they have tons! 
Back to the story, So this guy  goes and buys a box of Winchester 333. 333 rounds per box usually about 11.00 locally.
They were charging 38 fucking dollars per 333. Since he paid that I told him he was part of the problem. 
What a shame, I went about 5 times last year. But, I'm also willing to keep the paper in my pocket and place me a nice little online order and wait the 3 weeks.
Just some musings from the dirty south


Yeah, there's no fucking way in hell I would pay more that 15 bucks (and that's if I was real desperate) for 333 rounds of 22LR.
You're absolutely right though, Bobby. It's all about demand - if fuckers will pay it, that's what it'll sell for.

It wasn't very long ago that friends and relatives were laughing at me for buying 5.56 every week, even before I owned one, and look who's laughing now. I'm not hurting for ammo - matter of fact, I've got enough that if nothing happened, I will never run out for the rest of my life.