Sunday, February 03, 2013

A little help from my redneck friends, please?

Has anybody tried that new Red Man long cut snuff? How is it? I chewed Red Man pouch tobacco when I was a youngster and it was pretty good, beat the shit out of Beechnut or plug tobacco like Brown's Mule.
Yeah man, I was in the store today and saw it for sale so I picked up a can even though I had just broke the seal on a fresh can of chew.
I'm a Copenhagen man myself but $1.29 for the Red Man vs 5.00 for the Copenhagen...... Money's tight, you know?


Anonymous said...

The closest thing you'll find to Cope is Grizzly Silver Lid (marked snuff on the can).. Not the gray lid long cut but the silver lid snuff.. Half the price of Cope..

From one lifelong Cope addict now Grizz to another..

- Rumson

GREG said...

i switched over from copenhagen to red man about a yr ago. i use the wintergreen flavor, the natural flavor isnt quite what copenhagen is but in this day and age im like you searching for a cheaper alternative. i'd say give it a go. might take abit to get used to it. but for the savings its tolerable.

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Sarthurk said...

I don't chew, so I can't help you there. It gives me the worst heartburn. (what kind of heart burn is good anyway?)
In related news, it's apparently illegal to chew on Oregon state property now. No tobacco. The nanny state is alive and sicker than ever. What do you expect from a socialist physician for a gov'ner?

Charlie Richardson said...

Don't like it worth a damn. Been dipping 40+ years and now use Longhorn fine cut natural. Closest thing to Copenhagen I have ever tried, albeit Longhorn is a bit stronger than cope.

KurtP said...

I got off all tobacco about twelve years ago and I don't usually miss it.
I even kinda like the smell of a cigarette.
Then I got back on a backhoe digging trenches and MAN- I want some Redman chaw. So I started making my own jerky to stuff my cheek, and it pretty much works. I know the guys in the trench would appreciate me noe going all Josey Wales where they're working.

Donald Hawk said...

My father in law been chewing the man for years me my only gitty up is beer but a red neck like him cant been wrong for the price grab a bag and get a pinch

cato said...

Yep, Tried it a few times, BUT ......didn't stay in the rolling papers and it was hard to keep lit. Tried snorting it, saw stars, thought I was having flashbacks. I just stick it behind my lip now. :-)

Joel said...

Run from it, nasty stuff. For the same experience go gnaw on one of the wolf boy's turds.

CountryRebel said...

Ive switched to Copenhagen wintergreen, pay 1.76 to 2 bucks for a can, and bout 11 bucks for a log