Sunday, February 03, 2013

Dogbreath teaches you how to howl

I own all of Dogbreath's calls - they're so fucking tough that I'm still using the original calls without having to replace them due to cracked bodies or worn out reeds. I was lucky enough to get in on the ground floor with him - I bought one each of his original production run of 500 calls. I've got a call bag that I take with me whenever I go and every fucking one of his calls are in it.
Not only does he sell exceptional gear but he also does videos on using them. Here's one on howling:

If you're new to predator hunting, just want to pick up some tips or need some outstanding calls, go here to and browse through it.
He also sells apparel, decals and other neat stuff so you can brag up what your sport is.
If you score something from him, do me a favor and tell him where you saw this and that Wirecutter said hey!, will you?


Deb said...

Dogbreath is my new hero. I played this video with the sound up high and watched NutJob the dog do a total freak out!

thegunslinger said...

Ok you finally convinced me. I went over to Dogbreath's site and bought a set of his calls. I told him you said hi, I hope he sends you something nice.

wirecutter said...

You won't be disappointed, Gunslinger. Like i said, in my bag is a Knight & Hale call, a couple of Predator Quest calls, one or two Primos calls and every fucking one of Dogbreath's calls. I use the fuck out of 'em too.