Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Here's a chance to help out

An email from DoubleD:

We were wondering what you would do at a liberal campus to help promote the Constitution and true American Patriotism. I can barely stand most of the College Republicans...

I honestly don't know seeing as I've never even set foot on a college campus, but I told him I'd post it in the hopes that one of my readers would be able to help him out and give him some advice.
I think this is something that we as a community need to help with this if at all possible - it seems like most of the serious Patriots that I know of are old farts like myself. We need some fresh young blood that's in a position to spread the word and counter the leftist bullshit that our education system is spewing.
If you've done or been involved in something like this would you please email me at and I'll forward the email to him?


Heroditus Huxley said...

About all I've ever been able to do is teach the kids to aggressively question everything they're taught, and teach them what is and isn't in the constitution...but I'm a freshman composition teacher, not a political science teacher.

WiscoDave said...

I would strongly suggest that he contact Hillsdale College and hook up with them for advice and info. There may even be some recent grads nearby that would be willing to help him out.

Wrench said...

Maybe start your very own Constitutional Preservation Club. Have public readings i.e. coffee houses (may drive them batty) or steps of old main of the Constitution and the Federalist Papers that would further interpretation. Promote books such as the 5000 year leap and such. My time2 cents worth.

The Chief said...

Have him contact The Young Republicans:

Alan W. Mullenax said...

Uh, I know that my response is going to be totally improper. Maybe even criminal to a degree. But sometimes, just sometimes, sentiment and emotion have to be expressed.


Devil Tongue said...

I have a simple two step process to this problem (and yes it can be refined and tuned):
1) Everyone that applies for ANY government assistance program MUST pass a drug, pevert, alcohol and/or substance abuse blood test.
2) They must assist one of their neighbors daily, mowing lawns, painting their house, baby sitting, gardning, Roofing etc. etc. before their next check by the government is cut.
I know this does not answer DT2's reality question but it makes sence to me.