Monday, February 25, 2013

Keep looking over your shoulder

Well, it looks like the email and text hacking thing that was going on a week or so ago has calmed down, or at least whoever was doing it is being a little less obvious about it.
A bunch of folks, myself included, got a nice lesson on what the government or whoever it was is capable of - actually just about anybody can do it.
The important thing though is that we learned from it. We learned that it can be done and we picked up better methods of communications. We also learned not to slip into a false sense of security. But I think most importantly we learned how to be suspicious again.
Let's stay alert, yeah? If you stay suspicious of everything and everybody and keep switching things up it'll make it harder to be kept track of.

You've heard "local, local, local' preached over and over again. Stay local. Stay small. The larger your core group is, the easier it is to be infiltrated. Keep your group down to 5 or less. Don't let anybody know everything. Keep your mouth shut. Always assume you're on camera or being tracked. Get a cheap throwaway phone or 10. Leave that damned smartphone with it's GPS at home. Don't assume that just because you're doing nothing illegal that you aren't being watched - something as simple as believing in the Constitution and being vocal about it makes you a rabble-rouser.
Watch your back.

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