Friday, March 08, 2013

Lessons I learned this week

When the boss wishes me a good morning, the proper response is 'And good morning to you', not 'Go to hell, asshole'.

When I get a text from my wife telling me how much she loves me and appreciates me, the proper response is 'I love you too', not 'Yeah, who is this again?'.

When the traffic clerk at work tells me that tomorrow is her 60th birthday, the proper response is 'Well, happy birthday! Really, 60? I would have never guessed' not 'Damn, you got less than 20 years to live.'


hiswiserangel said...

and nobody killed you?!

timbo said...

They all seemed reasonable to me!

rpm2day said...

Could you repeat that, please?
I never get it right.

pdwalker said...

Some people just have no sense of humor.

xiphos said...

And when my wife's vastly overweight friend came by for a visit and asked me for a hug, I guess saying my arms weren't long enough was wrong. Got me slapped.