Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mark Firestone's man-crush

Yeah, I don't know what's up with Mark Firestone's (aka Torch Ramrod, Erinyes and Abad Don as well as the old standby Anonymous) man-crush on me - the more I try to discourage it the more I hear from him. Hey, I've blocked both his and his woman's email addresses but he's on my blog at least once a day. At least......
He should really take up bird watching or something.
I mean it's bad enough that he's been on my blog trying to leave cute little comments but last week he sent me a friend request on FB using another name, but one that he had friended me and Lisa with before! Are you fucking kidding me?

So today I took a shot at him with this post HERE because of the shitty comments he left this morning that made it through my spam filter and a reader asked who he was and I replied..... aw hell, you have the link, go read it yourself. Read the whole comment string because that's where it gets pitiful.

So after I shot him down in my comments, especially the part about him being here every fucking day, I gave him a few hours to froth at the mouth and then did something I hadn't done in months - I went to his blog where I found this post HERE where he's threatening to snitch me off to the Chief of Police here in town. Wait, I just tried my links and that one doesn't work now, so I'll give the post in a screen shot that I took from his site:

Click it to make it bigger

Read it real carefully. Now read these comments that he tried to leave on my blog (I saved them in a screen shot - I knew they'd come in handy) this morning at 4:10 AM my time:

Am I the only one to notice the similarity in the wording that he used in an unpublished comment (I'm stressing unpublished here) and his post that was put up 12 hours later about me rolling up on my drug dealing buddies?

But you don't come here every day, right Mark? Fuck, you were here at least twice today, you lying motherfucker. And it doesn't really matter which one you wrote first, you're just proving my point.

And if you think I'm exaggerating about him being obsessesed with me, go and check out his site - the link's working now - Me, Kerodin and Miller are his main only topics, but he fucking loves me, man. Seriously, go give him some traffic - he only has 5 readers judging by his comments and one of them is his woman who is a very good lawyer - if you don't believe me go ask her clients, both of them.

Wait, before you go though, here's another screenshot of comments that got through my worthless spam guard. Here he's using his Erinyes identity, accusing me of being a wife beater:

Oh, and here's a screen shot of an email that he sent to Lisa:

Can't forget that!

I mean, if this whole thing wasn't so tragic, it would comical. But his mind has slipped and I guess I should just keep my mouth shut and continue to entertain him. I feel pretty safe (as does he, obviously) seeing as we live on different sides of the country.

One nice thing about it though - if anything should happen to me from Ceres PD, I've got all these wonderful screen shots and every motherfucking email he's ever sent. With that, I'll own that motherfucker and his pretty good lawyer wife.


hiswiserangel said...

What is their obsession with seeing you in a shower?! It's just wrong, wrong, wrong. These people have nothing else to do with their time? Nothing to produce? Nothing to contribute? That's what you get from nothing.

And as for the comments to Miss Lisa, that's wrong on so many levels. I'm pissed at that, way out of line.

wirecutter said...

I'm tellin' ya, the motherfucker has some serious fucking issues.
But whattya expect from a liberal?

drjim said...

He's one sick puppy, Ken!

wirecutter said...

Tell me about it, Jim. You're not the object of his affections.

Kerodin said...

So, he brings my wife into it and your wife as well - very interesting. My offer still stands, Mark - April 19th at King's Mountain, and you can have the opportunity to prove you're not the world's biggest cunt simply by having the balls to recite your words to me, face to face.

Dropping an email to the snitch line, too? That's a douche-class bitch move, even for you, Mark. But we've seen you play that move before, haven't we? Some 2A advocate you are...

I've got to think Florida Mental Health should monitor such public obsessions more closely - have that "Lawyer" (what a f'n joke THAT is on so many levels!) of yours check into Florida cyberstalking statutes. You're pretty f'n close to the line there, loser.

God, how can one man be such a failure on so many levels and still not eat a bullet?


wirecutter said...

Now Sam, you're just upset that he's got a bigger crush on me than he does you.

Lisa's already got his and his pretty good lawyer wife's contact information in case in the event that something happens.

He can't even handle his addictions much less his mind.

wirecutter said...

Mark - you heard the man. Be there or be square.

Anonymous said...

holeeee shit, that guy has a problem

wirecutter said...

And you thought I was exaggerating.

tripseven said...

Mark and Razor, sittin in a tree...

Anonymous said...


wirecutter said...

Diana - Don't. If you went to his site you'll see that his favorite enabler/commenter is The Wench.
That would be his wife, the Pretty Good Lawyer.
No, they deserve each other. Match made in heaven and all that.

Anonymous said...

i thought this was a joke until i went to the links.

..the tree of david

Wraith said...

You can tell the character of a man by the enemies he makes.

(And I think it's pretty hysterical how he thinks you're going to spin a bearing over all the homosexual allusions. ('Cause all us Patriots are homophobes, ya know. Oh, yeah, and racists.))

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Kenny. Similarity in language? Good luck using that as the basis for a lawsuit.

And Kerodin? You make me laugh, convict.

Deb said...

Ken, is all this crap from a grown man? Picking fights on the internet? Really?

Anonymous said...

What a joke. An ex-con and an armchair warrior mocking someone who spent years in school to learn something useful. At least during my career I've done things to help people through volunteering and charity work. Unlike you, I don't sit around and whine about bullshit nor do I run scams trying to bilk people out of money.

As for "cyberstalking", no one (except your buddy Kerodin) is "engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to—

(A) fear for his or her safety or the safety of others;
(B) suffer substantial emotional distress."[7]

You don't seem to be living in fear or suffering emotional distress. Once again, another b.s. attempt by Kerodin to find a cause of action to make money.

Grog said...

Even for them, the comments about your wife is way over the line. They should hope she never meets them. I already have a good idea of your response.

MrGarabaldi said...

Dang Kenny;

I chased some of the links..He is a douche..If somebody has a problem with you...that is his right..foolish but his right. Why drag Lisa into it...? What as ass.

crankyjohn said...

It never ceases to amaze me at how wicked the human heart can be at times. We all are capable of bad things, but good Lord, what a degenerate, debased and lost mind. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That guy is pretty disturbing..
Is it something in the water in Floriduh?

Cheesy said...

Whatever you do, don't send him flowers...

John Henry said...

Hey WC,

He is exactly the type of obsessed liberal who will someday snap and go into a theater and shoot people at random.

Now you know where those mental retards start out from. First an obsession like that liberal obsessive with Gabby Gifford, then the obsessive liberal twit who killed all those little kids in Connecticut.

And you say he also leans toward faggotry? Wow, he is truly a man of the left.

DjachDjach said...

What. A. Fucking. WEIRDO!!!

wirecutter said...

Anon@2:39 - Mark, you and that Pretty Good Lawyer of a wife should read the comments here. The huge majority of the people here are NOT III Percenters - they come here for the humor and the links. They're just regular conservatives, yet not a single one of them has issued even a hint of support for you.
Seriously, if you won't listen to your psychiatrist you should at least take a look at what others are saying.
And it's not just the similarity in language, dumbass. I'm a little smarter than that.
By the way, that's at lest 3 visits in 2 days from somebody that doesn't come here everyday.

wirecutter said...

Folly (aka Mark's Pretty Good Lawyer wife) - What in the fuck has Kerodin got to do with this other than the fact that he commented on this post?
As a matter of fact, what in the fuck does Kerodin have to do with ME other than the fact that we read each other's blogs? Name one fucking thing that we're involved with together. Just one.
You and Mark are the ones that keep throwing us together.

I'm sure you do a lot of charity work. You have to have something occupying your time besides taking Mark to the playground, changing his diaper and representing both of your clients.

wirecutter said...

To all those who have commented:
Thank you for your support. Thank you very much.

hiswiserangel said...

Kenny I think you have the first winners of your Flaming Fuck You Finger of Fate award.

Their attacks on you and Sam are a given, you are who he wants to be. True Men. But the attacks on your wives? That is so far out of bounds it's not even on the playing field.

Lisa Lane said...

This guy friended me on Facebook, as Abad Don or something like that. I thought it was odd that he would try to friend me and talk smut about my husband.
There are a couple of points I have to make.

1. Ken is in no way abusive. He has never and would never touch me in a violent/angry manner! For one, I would jack him up...even if I had to wait for him to sleep to do it. : )

2. When men argue, or have differences of opinion, the debate can be amusing and sometimes interesting...but the immature comments that this man makes, well, his mommy did not teach him to play nice in the sandbox...but certainly grown ass not cast aspersions against anothers wife...unless they are ill equipped to process and respond in an intelligent manner.

I thank all of you who can see clearly what a fool this man is...I really do not know what to call him...he has so many different names online...and who needs more than one....if they have nothing to hide?

wirecutter said...

And here's the message he sent to Lisa on FB, September 17, 2012.

Abad Don
Hi Lisa -
I thought I should let you know that I sent you a friend request before Ken and I parted ways on the III Citadel issue. Just so you know, I harbor no bad feelings toward Ken at all. I like him, love his blog (although I have refrained from going there) and I hope he's doing well. I have strong opinions about Kerodin based on his reaction to me and other info I learned and that is not going to change. However, I don't think that any of that should color any of my other associations.
I just thought I'd throw all of that out there, just so you're aware of the situation.
Mark, AKA Abad Don, AKA California Yankee, AKA Erinyes.

Damn Mark, I knew you liked me but here you are saying it for the whole world to see.

Kerodin said...

Obsession - it's not just a cologne. ;)

Liberal Trolls or just batshit crazy?

I think the Jury is in.


crankyjohn said...

Miss Lisa, this is not a man in any sense of the word. He is a child, and a hateful one at that. Ken is a good man from what I see and sometimes he behaves in a childLIKE way in some of his posts. I mean that as a compliment. We should never lose the childlike part of us lest we grow old and bitter. This other fool is childISH. bIG DIFFERENCE.
Ignore the hateful fools. Life is too short to waste on them.

orbitup said...

Wow, an obsession like that can't be healthy.

Anonymous said...

Man this shits getting creepy , ain`t this the same weirdo bugging Sam ?. Oscar .

Anonymous said...

What's that little thing he's wearing below his waist? I mean, it LOOKS like a dick, only really small.

wirecutter said...

That's a self photo of Mark before he left California.