Saturday, March 09, 2013

OH SHIT!!!!!


Sara said...

Having to laugh at the guy hanging himself with his camera strap! And that not a one of them froze..

Leavon said...

My moneys on the kid in the Black T-Shirt... The guy with the Camera is thinking, "who the hell tied my shoelaces together".

JeremyR said...

Some years back I went hiking out by Devils Tower with friends. I strapped on my trusty .22 revolver, and as I did, one of them asked, "What the f is that for"?
I said, "In case we encounter bears."
"That pissant 22 won't stop a bear!"
"Shoot the bear? I only need to out run you. I'll just shoot you in the knee and run like hell."

bubba said...

In June of 1980 at Manning Park (B.C.) we were sleeping on the ground prior to hiking in to WA for a climb. Around 3:30 in the morning I woke up with a Grizz sniffing my head. I didn't move, but waited for the bear to move off a ways. When I opened my eyes the bear was sniffing my buddy's girl-friends butt. My buddy was wide awake but motionless too. The bear tired of that and then tried to break into our car where we had our food. The bear couldn't figure out how to open the door and moved off to easier pickings in the campground.

On a different trip in the Cascades my buddy asked if I was worried about bears. I told him no, I wasn't worried about bears. He asked, Why not? I told him I had him along. He said he didn't have his .44 with him and why did I think he could protect me? I told him I didn't expect him to protect me, it was just that he was a whole lot slower than I was.