Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some artsy shit to show my soft sensitive side

It was either a waterfall or a hot babe, man. I went with the babe. 

The only other classy picture I could come up with was this:

It's not easy coming up with shit that's pleasing to both the men and babe readers here, you know. I mean, if it gets too gay the guys just blow right over it hoping for a camel toe and this is pretty much a male oriented blog so I can't be having that shit. But I do have babe readers and I don't want them to feel left out but goddamn, try googling classy babe artsy shit sometime. I don't remember what search engine I got it off of but when I entered that I got this:

While it is more in line with this blog, it ain't quite what I had in mind. So I went to the second page of the search engine - you know you're fucking desperate when you go to page 2 of a search engine. I got this: a listing to a female escort page in the Brooklyn Backpage where I lost a couple of hours looking through all those ads for classy artsy babe pics. Never did find any although I've come to the conclusion that there ain't a whole lot of white folks in Brooklyn. Or maybe it's just white hookers.

Then I got to thinking that hey! it don't have to be classy artsy babe pics, guys can look at shit that ain't got tits so I went to my picdump folder looking for something just plain artsy. I done used up all my Northern Lights pictures, I don't do sunsets, moon pictures remind me of islam and so I don't have none of those either. The only nature pics I held onto had coyotes in all of them and you saw those last month. 
Fuck. This is harder than I thought it was gonna be. And then I ran across this. This is pretty cool. It's got a naked babe in the for the guys yet the babe readership will be happy because there ain't no real titty showing and there's a wolf or something in there.

Miss Lisa sent me this a couple of weeks ago. She sent the email and then told me "I sent you something. It will look nice on your blog."
Oh it will, will it? Yes ma'am. Only problem was I couldn't figure out how to post it without looking all sissy and shit so it just sat there in my picdumps. I figured I'd use it somewhere but just didn't know where.
Consider it used.

Okay. I got the artsy shit out of the way. No more of that for awhile unless I run across something that cool enough to post. I damned sure ain't gonna go looking for something. Now I can go do Milfy Monday. That takes me about 5 minutes - I got a special milf folder in my picdumps.


hiswiserangel said...

Whew! Artsy pics AND commentary? I bet you had to go lay down and rest after that one.

Bootmaker said...

MMmmm...culture...I loves me some culture.

MissK said...

Love it... you done good Wirecutter ;-)

It's the commentary that makes it priceless. And I'm laughing my fucking ass off. Awesome find with that pic Miss Lisa :D

Phssthpok said...

First Pic...Lindsey Stirling.

Hawtness AND mad violin skillz.

wirecutter said...

Yeah whatever - know the name of the babe in the brown bikini in the Milf post?

MSgt B said...

Artsy pics?

You fuckin' Sissy.

Deb said...

Hey Wirecutter, aren't those pigs with the pretty pictures on their bodies below this post considered artsy, too?

Wirecutter and artsy in the same sentence. I think the universe just imploded.

Sara said...

I just want to know what the fuck's wrong with tits? I may be a woman but I can appreciate a good rack...