Monday, April 08, 2013

80% AR Lowers (repost)

In case you missed this post a few days ago:

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From their website, I'd like to present Model S:

The Model S is a premium R7075-T6 billet, 3D formed with progressive forging process, followed by 4-Axis CNC machining with a fully broached magazine well. This model follows the “standard” mil-spec shape with a strengthened buffer tube.

The Model X is a premium R7075-T6 billet, with radial compression, followed by a more extensive 4-Axis CNC machining with a fully broached magazine well. This is modernized shape with an industrial feel and a strengthened buffer tube.

For more information regarding production, pricing, instructions on how to complete your lower, the team involved and how to contact them, please visit their website at

I will be posting videos from them as they come available. Also, links will be posted on my sidebar as well as a tab at the top of my page for future reference.

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