Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is there any doubt now that the Police is not your friend? Any doubt whatsoever?

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri's database of concealed weapon permits was twice given to federal authorities investigating Social Security disability fraud in a move that has enraged lawmakers already angry over potential abuses in a new driver's licensing system.Missouri State Highway Patrol Col. Ron Replogle was questioned for nearly an hour this morning by the Senate Appropriations Committee after he revealed to Chairman Kurt Schaefer yesterday that his agency had turned over the data.

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Anonymous said...

Gee I just LOVE living in this state(Misery)-NOT!

For instance, CCW permits in this county have a small application fee, the county next door takes an additional $100 for the Sheriff's Stirring Committee(WTF!)-just in that county....

The former Republican AG of New Hampshire, was a good one, votes with the Democrats every time, helps break the filibuster....the 4th freest state in the union?

And the beat goes on.

Good night Chet.

Gone by Solstice.