Thursday, April 11, 2013

World's worst watchdog, no doubt.

Via email from Wisco Dave:

EAST WENATCHEE — Residents of a house in the 600 block of Second Street Northeast were surprised to come home Saturday night and find a strange man in their kitchen.
“He was standing there with the refrigerator door open and feeding their dog some pudding,” said Dan Reierson, assistant chief with the East Wenatchee Police Department.
The suspect told the couple that he was looking for a man to kill, but the residents told him that person did not live there, Reierson said. The suspect sat for a brief time in a rocking chair in the living room, then walked out the front door. The suspect called to the dog, the dog followed him and they both walked away from the house.
The residents reported the incident to the RiverCom dispatch center at 8:20 p.m.
During the time the suspect was inside, the residents learned his name, Reierson said. Officers arrested the suspect at his residence, in the 6000 block of Grover Street, a short time later.
Jason L. McDaniel, 38, was arrested on suspicion of residential burglary. Reierson said he is suspected of entering the residence through a basement window, which was broken out.
The dog was not found at the suspect’s residence and remains missing. Buddy is a black, lab-pitbull mix with a white stripe down its chest. Anyone with information on Buddy can call the police department at 884-9511.


The Chief said...

They want the dog back?

Bustednuckles said...

Black Lab says it all. I had several of them growing up and they are one of the most friendly and sociable dogs I have ever seen. They are also dumber than a box of rocks for the most part.

MattS said...

We had a Golden Retriever. (A rescue dog who was 7 when we got him.) He fit the Golden stereotype, he was friendly to everyone and would greet them at the door waiting to be loved.

Provided they came to the door.

One day the meter reader came to the gate while my wife and daughter were in the yard. He became a total wolf. Snarling and throwing himself against the fence. After the reader left, he was back to his old loving self.
We hadn't known he had it in him.

Loved that dog.