Sunday, May 19, 2013


From Tom:

A soldier has been dubbed the ‘Russian Terminator’ after footage emerged of a bullet being removed from his forehead with a pair of pliers. The astonishing clip begins with a close-up of the man’s head wound with the protruding bullet clearly visible.

Another soldier is filmed cleaning around the bullet with a cloth before attempting to take it out with the work tool. Possibly in a state of shock, the man appears unfazed as the first few attempts to remove the shell from beneath his black bandana are unsuccessful.

Having cheated death, the man is seen smiling at the end of the clip as the bullet is eventually removed. It is thought he was caught in AK-47 crossfire between Russian and Chechen militants.


Glenn B said...

If that was an AK round, it was mighty short. Got to hand it to that guy though, whatever kind of a round, he was one lucky guy.

Sarthurk said...

Kinda looked like shrapnel to me. Could have come from anything including non gunfire related things.
Just sayin'

Crustyrusty said...

LOL one of them says "fuck your mother" near the end, sorta like "holy shit" in this context