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OH SHIT!!!!!

Traitorous sonsofbitches

Wirecutter - The Later Years


Desert lightning storm

I love the desert. There's just something about it - deadly but oh my God, so beautiful.

Beauty gone missing

To all,
Beauty is a difficult thing to define, but at times, it is possible to instantly know that a young lady encompasses those mystic definitions which explain allurement, attraction, elegance, grace, refinement and class.
At other times, it is possible to instantly know that the beauty and class that may have been there at one time, has gone awry. 

- Bob

"What if I don't wanna disperse, motherfucker?"

Drunk chicks - gotta love 'em

Why in the fuck do they have to have an exit sign on the door?

WiscoDave - The Early Years

"You're on your own"


My Boy Scout career

1973-74 - Scout
1975 - Tenderfoot
1975 - Kicked out

Yup, 2 years as a private in the Boy Scouts, 1 year as a PFC and then drummed out for a variety of offenses. I think I was the only Boy Scout in their entire history that didn't earn a single fucking merit badge in 3 years.
No ambition whatsoever, man. I was only there for the partying. Troop 166 was glad to be shut of me.

World's biggest ass

Romulus the Donkey is set to beat the Guinness World Record as the World's Tallest Donkey. 
Measured by a local vet in Texas, Romulus is an incredible 68 inches tall, 2 inches taller than previous holder Oklahoma Sam.



Federal Court bitch slaps DHS

A federal appeals court on Friday said the Border Patrol cannot confiscate or download every laptop or electronic device brought into the U.S., ruling that people have an expectation their data are private and that the government must have “reasonable suspicion” before it starts to do any intensive snooping.
In a broad ruling, the court also said merely putting password protection on information is not enough to trigger the government’s “reasonable suspicion” to conduct a more intrusive search — but can be taken into account along with other factors.
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judges said it was a “watershed care” that gets at what kinds of limits the government must observe when it comes to technology and privacy.
“Electronic devices often retain sensitive and confidential information far beyond the perceived point of erasure, notably in the form of browsing histories and records of deleted files,” Judge M. Margaret McKeown wrote in the majority opinion. “This quality makes it impractical, if not impossible, for individuals to make meaningful decisions regarding what digital content to expose to the scrutiny that accompanies international travel. A person’s digital life ought not be hijacked simply by crossing a border.”


Yet the police can search your phone during a routine traffic stop without a warrant. That makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever.
Oh wait - I forgot. We're talking about the government here.


A 'desensitizing target' for Patriots


Tell us something we don't already know

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Ya got a zit, bro.

Promulgating Evil (guest post)

To all,
Well........our illustrious leader wants to use drones to hunt down Americans.  Sen. Feinstein says it is “legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines.”  In a recent poll by MSNBC, 78% of people who responded approved of executing Americans without trial.
Is anyone surprised?????????
They approve of abortion, they approve of hunting down humans, they approve of executing Americans.
They have no morals and if we don't step up and do something, this country will fall down the slippery slop even closer to socialism similar to another country which landed in the depths of evil and resulted with a political party entitled the "National Socialist German Worker's Party".  We know it as the "Nazis".
If you want to give up your guns just as those in Germany did, you are a fool.  If you want to agree with allowing only small magazines on firearms, you are blind.  Why?  Those who may barge into your home will not be playing by any rules.  If they can get a 15 round magazine, they will...a 30 round magazine, they will, a 150 round magazine as one of our socialist senators advocate, they will.  And you may be stuck with five rounds or less to protect your home and family.  Be wise.  

Isaiah said it succinctly and wisely in the fifth chapter:

20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
And prudent in their own sight!
22 Woe to men mighty at drinking wine,
Woe to men valiant for mixing intoxicating drink,
23 Who justify the wicked for a bribe,
And take away justice from the righteous man!

Ask them. 
Ask them if they have accepted money to do away with our guns, to treat us as evil ones when in fact, they are the ones who are promulgating evil.
Robert H. Morris

Sneaky bastard

Somehow or another Orbitup managed to get into my backyard and get a picture of my back porch.

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Turn off the damned lights - you can see it better

Help with Tor, please.

If I want to download Tor to a thumb drive, how big a stick do I need to use?
My laptop is already overburdened and I really don't want to pile more shit into it, especially something I'm not going to use everyday.
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Lessons I learned this week

When the boss wishes me a good morning, the proper response is 'And good morning to you', not 'Go to hell, asshole'.

When I get a text from my wife telling me how much she loves me and appreciates me, the proper response is 'I love you too', not 'Yeah, who is this again?'.

When the traffic clerk at work tells me that tomorrow is her 60th birthday, the proper response is 'Well, happy birthday! Really, 60? I would have never guessed' not 'Damn, you got less than 20 years to live.'

Rocky's feeling poorly

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind......

Oh, dear. This is probably not the symbolism the White House wanted.
Hours after CIA Director John Brennan took the oath of office—behind closed doors, far away from the press, perhaps befitting his status as America's top spy—the White House took pains to emphasize the symbolism of the ceremony.
“There's one piece of this that I wanted to note for you,” spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters at their daily briefing. “Director Brennan was sworn in with his hand on an original draft of the Constitution that had George Washington's personal handwriting and annotations on it, dating from 1787.”
Earnest said Brennan had asked for a document from the National Archives that would demonstrate the U.S. is a nation of laws.
"Director Brennan told the president that he made the request to the archives because he wanted to reaffirm his commitment to the rule of law as he took the oath of office as director of the CIA,” Earnest said.
The Constitution itself went into effect in 1789. But troublemaking blogger Marcy Wheeler points out that what was missing from the Constitution in 1787 is also quite symbolic: The Bill of Rights, which did not officially go into effect until December 1791 after ratification by states. (Caution: Marcy's post has some strong language.)
That means: No freedom of speech and of the press, no right to bear arms, no Fourth Amendment ban on “unreasonable searches and seizures,” and no right to a jury trial.
How ... symbolic?

Let this be a lesson to y'all

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A northwestern Montana man shot and killed the host of the Sportsman Channel show "A Rifleman's Journal" in an apparent jealous rage while the TV personality was visiting the shooter's wife, police said Friday.
Wayne Bengston, 41, then beat his wife, took his 2-year-old son to a relative's house and drove to his home about 25 miles away in West Glacier, where he killed himself, Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial said.
"It's pretty much an open-and-closed case. Homicide and suicide," Dial said.
Police identified the shooting victim as Gregory G. Rodriguez, 43, of Sugar Land, Texas. Bengston's wife told police that Rodriguez was in town on business and visiting her at her mother's house in Whitefish when her husband showed up Thursday at about 10:30 p.m.
Rodriguez and the woman, who works for a firearms manufacturer in the Flathead Valley, met at a trade show and struck up a casual relationship that police do not believe was romantic, Dial said.
She and Rodriguez were sitting at the kitchen table, talking over a glass of wine, when Bengston entered the house and shot Rodriguez, Dial said.
He then beat his wife on the face and head, most likely with the pistol, he said. She was treated at a hospital and released.
"I think it was a jealous husband, but this is all conjecture," Dial said.


And what's the lesson to be learned? It's called common courtesy and respect.
Never ever go into another man's home with his wife when he isn't home. Period. Even if you have his permission.
Ladies, do not invite a man into your home unless your man is there. Period. Even if you have his permission.

Now that's just freaky

Punishing the innocent for other's crimes. As usual.


[From Stephen Wegner}
[quote]DC's Still at It: The District would be the first jurisdiction in the country to require gun owners to purchase liability insurance, under a bill being considered by the D.C. Council. The legislation, introduced Tuesday by D.C. Council member Mary M. Cheh, would mandate that gun owners maintain policies of no less than $250,000 in coverage. By requiring insurance, Ms. Cheh said she hopes the law would ensure that money is available to help a gunshot victim pay medical costs and promote gun safety. “I think there ought to be a source of money that they could count on to compensate them for their injuries,” Ms. Cheh, Ward 3 Democrat, said of victims of gun violence... At least six states have introduced similar gun liability insurance legislation over the last several months, with the law proposed in New York requiring insurance of at least $1 million, according to the New York Times. As of mid-February, none of the six states – California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania – had passed the legislation. Ms. Cheh, a constitutional law professor, said she introduced the bill “in an effort to balance reasonable restrictions on the Second Amendment with safe and responsible gun legislation.” She said she hopes insurance companies can promote safer gun ownership by offering lower rates to those who meet certain criteria or follow safety guidelines, but she doesn’t believe that requiring insurance will create a barrier for gun ownership... (With so many possible comments, I'll focus on one: These mandatory-insurance schemes will either keep lower-income people disarmed or force them to own their firearms illegally. Either way, the Progressives pushing them must be aware of those consequences. Never forget that, in the US, the term “constitutional law” does not refer to the Constitution itself but to what the federal judiciary has done to it.)[/quote]
Read that again.  Focus on these two sentences:
[quote]By requiring insurance, Ms. Cheh said she hopes the law would ensure that money is available to help a gunshot victim pay medical costs and promote gun safety. “I think there ought to be a source of money that they could count on to compensate them for their injuries,” [/quote]
How many gunshot victims are shot because they were NOT involved in some sort of criminal activity?  I'm including the "innocent" gang member who is the target of a drive-by shooting in the category of criminal activity - it's their reward for "going stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things".  And, just to continue that thought, how many times are the perpetrators identified, let alone convicted, so that the truly innocent victims of the typical spray-and-pray drive-by shooting could go after their insurance coverage?  (Of course, that also assumes that a drive-by shooter would have taken out the required insurance policy, doesn't it?  Strange that they are expected to comply with this one gun control law, out of the literally thousands they do not comply with already.)
Thus, we see another restriction on law-abiding gun owners being crammed down their throats in an attempt to "do something" about the behavior of those who do not obey the law.

stay safe.

See, Lisa? Nobody likes shopping with their sweeties.

CharlieGodammit - The Early Years



Maybe it should say Wirecutter Dreamcatcher

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Patriot Swap Shop

I just put up a baitcaster over at the Swap Shop. New condition, never used, good price.
Somebody needs to buy it. I need a new holster and Miss Lisa ain't cutting loose of no household money for new gear. I know, I know, but whattya gonna do.

There's a few other items over there too. We're getting off to a slow start but I'm going to sell my shit if nothing else.
We've had a few sales and a swap so far and there ain't been any complaints. Remember, it's not about Patriot gear, it's about Patriots.
Don't forget, a free ad for you through Saturday, March 9th.

My attitude exactly


Beach Milfs

Gotta be California (again)

Yes, there's snow in California - just not where I live, thank God.

What public education will never teach you

Fucking hippies will recycle anything

Good on him

After years in the shadows, the administration’s secret drone program burst into very public view Wednesday with lawmakers grilling the attorney general over legal justification for targeted killings and Sen. Rand Paul launching an old-style one-man filibuster to demand answers from President Obama.
The Kentucky Republican held the floor for hours, effectively blocking a vote on the nomination of John O. Brennan, whom Mr. Obama has tapped to be CIA director. He said he would relent only if the administration publicly vowed not to target Americans on U.S. soil.

Take a hint, motherfuckers. We're rising for a reason.

Researchers report sharp rise in 'patriot' groups

Associated Press

Read more here:

 -- President Barack Obama's administration and the gun control debate after the Connecticut school shooting have led to surging numbers of anti-government "patriot" groups, according to a civil rights organization that tracks them.
The Southern Poverty Law Center reported the rising numbers on Tuesday in its annual report on extremist groups.
The number of anti-government patriot groups, one category tracked by the center, rose dramatically over the past four years, from 149 groups in 2008 to 1,360 today, researchers reported. That was up about 7 percent from the 1,274 active in 2011.
The election and re-election of the nation's first black president and the rugged economy have fueled their growth, said Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the SPLC.

"The anger, angst, frustration, fear surrounding the economy have very much poured fuel on this fire," Potok said.
On gun control, the debate following the Newtown, Conn., mass murder of schoolchildren has led to "a kind of white-hot rage unleashed on both the radical right and also within more mainstream political circles," he said.
In the week following the Dec. 14 school shooting, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it conducted more background checks for firearms sales and permits to carry than it has in any other one-week period since 1998.
In a letter today to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the SPLC warned of the potential for domestic terrorism and urged the creation of a task force to assess whether there are enough federal resources devoted to the threat.

"As in the period before the Oklahoma City bombing, we now are seeing ominous threats from those who believe that the government is poised to take their guns," wrote SPLC President Richard Cohen, a member of the Department of Homeland Security's Countering Violent Extremism Working Group.
The SPLC found there were 1,360 Patriot groups in 2012 - an 813 percent rise since 2008, the year before Obama took office. The groups include 321 militias. These numbers far exceed the movement's peak in the 1990s, when militias were inflamed by the 1993 Brady Bill and the 1994 assault rifle ban.
Some critics believe the SPLC is too broad in labeling hate and extremist groups, to the point of including legitimate political organizations that oppose illegal immigration, gun control, gay rights and other issues.
The center's researchers say they use a variety of methods to track anti-government groups and compile their list from field reports, patriot publications, law enforcement sources and news reports. Potok said only active groups are included.
"We are not just looking at one man and a computer," he said.
The report states: "Generally, Patriot groups define themselves as opposed to the 'New World Order,' engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or advocate or adhere to extreme anti-government doctrines."
The FBI defines military extremists as anti-government groups often organized into paramilitary groups that follow a military-style rank hierarchy and typically engage in wilderness, survival, or other paramilitary training, according to a September 2011 FBI report on domestic terrorism.

Read more here:

TV has hit a new low. I didn't think it was possible but.....

Comfy as hell, ain't they?

How cute - an American

Commonly referred to as a lop - easily taken advantage of, soft, vulnerable.

Why I'm no longer allowed in the kitchen


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Stuck to the wall again, ain'tcha?

Retroactive birth control

So's our Borrrrrderrrrr.......

I wouldn't say a word

Cincinnati Cameras

CINCINNATI — Police in Cincinnati want to add more than 800 surveillance cameras in public places over the next two years to help with crime prevention and emergency response situations.
The Police Department intends to increase the number of cameras from the current 118 to 1,000 by the end of 2014, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported. The cameras can be manipulated to turn 360 degrees, tilt and zoom up to more than a half-mile.
Along with helping prevent crime, police said the cameras could assist with crowd control during events and be used to organize emergency responses including situations like one last summer when paramedics had to find a man needing medical help at a festival, said Capt. Jeff Butler, planning, resource and development commander for the police department.
Police also said footage might be used to convict criminals. However, questions have been raised about the potential costs of more cameras.
“There’s no doubt that all of this technology can be used for good and positive things,” said Gary Daniels, spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio. “The question is whether it’s worth the cost in both money and the erosion of people’s privacy.”
The department is required to keep recordings for 14 days and conduct random checks to make sure cameras are not used inappropriately to spy on private settings, according to police.
The current camera program costs about $4.7 million, with almost all of that paid for with federal grants and donations.
Barry Whitton, a computer systems analyst and civilian Cincinnati police employee who has been building the city’s camera program since 2008, said there is “definite value in the fact you have an extra set of automatic eyes.”
Cameras are now used in the Ohio River Basin/Port Security program and in more than a dozen city neighborhoods. More than 30 cameras operate in The Banks development area on Cincinnati’s riverfront, and five cameras came online last week around the new Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, the Enquirer reported.
Cameras that scan license plates also are being tested with the surveillance cameras. Currently, those types of cameras are found mostly on police cruisers.
In 2011, Columbus installed more than 100 cameras in five neighborhoods at a cost of $2.2 million. Last August, city officials reported that crime numbers dropped in several categories in four out of five of the neighborhoods.

From Glenn via email, no link given

When Rembrandt's mind began to slip.....

Yeah, not sure He would understand that one.

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Good morning!

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