Tuesday, June 23, 2020

"No, you owe us reparations!"

Whenever Democrats push race to the forefront of the news, reparations pop up. The theory is that, because their forebears were kidnapped from Africa and enslaved in America, blacks will never catch up economically to whites. It doesn't matter that there are no slaves or slave-owners today; that most whites are not descended from slave-owners; or that racism impoverished, rather than enriched the South.

Scott Adams's brilliant insight cuts through all this: the comparison isn't between black wealth and white wealth in America. Instead, the comparison must be the difference between blacks' average net worth in America and blacks' average net worth in Africa. After all, the act of stealing blacks from Africa is the "but for cause" of all wrongs done to blacks.


  1. Scott Adams knocked it out of the park with that insight.

    1. And you can bet your sweet bippy they'll be lynching him in the press for it!

  2. None of these people are interested in reasonable conversation.

  3. Fred Reed has been saying this for years

  4. I think it was in one of the Dead Six Series by Larry Correia, a line expressed by one the merc's (A big, black guy) was to the tune of "If I could go back in time and find the SOB that caught my ancestor and shipped his skinny black ass to America...I'd kiss his feet!". "Thank God!!! I didn't get born here!".

  5. Whenever they start that "reparations" shit, I like to remind the BLM of the 100's of 1,000s of Irish who were enslaved. Irish were worth about 1/10th that of a black slave. In fact their owners started the practice of interbreeding their Irish and black slaves to increase the value of their investment.
    We don't owe blacks anything as a race; that's bullshit.

  6. Just taking a guess here, that the regular slave descendent in this country is doing a fuck ton better than if they were native to Africa, and they have a fuck ton more opportunities.

  7. @ScottAdams quote: Sure, comparing blacks in the US to blacks in Africa makes sense to sane people, but you're dealing with people who really believe that "Black Panther" is correct, and the only reason Wakanda doesn't exist is "because of colonialism".

    @FredReed link: had to stop reading him. His stuck-halfway race realism is almost more annoying than the complete lunatics who believe that evolution stops at the neck.

    The below link is to a video called "Fiscal Impact by Race in the United States" which is a well-researched presentation of who is contributing versus taking.
    (Overall that is; clearly there are plenty of shitbag whites, and a lot of hardworking productive blacks. But we're talking groups here.)

  8. And any conversations about reparations also needs to include the Arabs who collared Africans and then sold them to European slavers.

  9. Adams will be subject to chimpout in 3..2..1..

    Orange Julius


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