Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Catch of the Day

COTTON COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Trash bags full of marijuana were discovered over the weekend in a Cotton County creek, officials say.

On Sunday around 3:30 p.m. the Cotton County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a large amount of trash bags in Cache Creek west of County Road 2560 and 1850.


  1. The pot was burned in the presence of several high officials.

  2. "The marijuana will be sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for destruction after the investigation is complete."

    I have this feeling it was already headed for destruction.


  3. Why does'nt shit like this happen to me? No one would ever know. Except the dumbass that left it there. What's he gonna do? Call the po-lice?

    1. Right?!?! Guy finds 40 lbs in his bathroom cabinet, calls the cops. Dumbass!!!
      Brick of coke washes up on shore, ahem, fbi please... fuggedaboutit!

  4. A large amount minus 1. Dude, that's my reward for calling the po-leece. Or, a new anti-littering campaign: Don't Dope Oklahoma.

  5. It happens in Canada all the time. Police there don't even look for the dumpers. There it is the lower leaves, male plants, and stems from hydroponic grow ops that are being dumped. The bud is the actual product.
    John in Indy

  6. Back in early 80s while working as a wet behind the ears OS on a oilfield supply vessel in the Gulf of Mexico we got a call on the VHF from a near by production platform asking us to head to them. We get there and a couple guys met us on the platform's jump deck, they had spotted something floating by and wanted to go check it out, there was a lot of " activity " in the gulf back then and didn't want to talk on the radio, so we headed in the direction they pointed to for a short distance and we came across 2 rectangular shaped objects floating, about the size of a bale of hay, wrapped in burlap. We get them onboard and open them up, sure enough it was weed, unfortunately the bales had obviously been in the water for a long time because they were saturated with saltwater. They were ruined beyond salvage on our part so even though it broke out hearts we busted them up and threw them back overboard.


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