Thursday, July 09, 2020

Pentagon draft policy would ban Confederate flag displays

A draft policy being circulated by Pentagon leaders would ban the display of the Confederate flag in Defense Department workplaces or public areas by service members and civilian personnel.


  1. Yeah; the Coast Guard "cancelled" the stars and bars waaayyy back in the '90s'. Of course, Malcolm X t shirts, hats, and whatnot were OTAY, 'Panky...

  2. Well there goes at least half of the Armed forces which are mostly at this point Southern boys... I am sure a lot of them are not signing their re-up papers.

  3. Sounds like the Air Force brass is in charge.

  4. They gonna make stars & bars tats removal mandatory?

  5. I remember that the Marines banned tattoos that could be seen on it's members arms, or something like that. Total bullshit, left wing political correctness, of course. I think that after training and at their first duty station, a Marine should get a tat of the confederate flag on the front of their right shoulder. That way, when saluting the American flag, they would also have the confederate flag saluting the American flag, recognizing that the American flag is superior, but the confederate flag still represents millions of Americans.


  6. How is the Confederate flag not considered protected political expression under the first Amendment? I'd bet a million bucks they wouldn't propose this kind of ban on BLM symbols.


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