Monday, July 13, 2020

Sorry, kids - your extended vacation is over

MACON COUNTY, TENN. (WSMV) - The Macon County School Board has met and voted to begin the 2020/2021 school year on August 24, offering both on-campus and virtual classes.

The board also voted on a modified school calendar for the year as well.


Funny, I don't remember even having a Fall break when I was in school.


  1. I like that. If you enroll your kid into the virtual class you're stuck with them for the entire year, Mom and Dad. No coming back to real school for your spawn until next year. Heh.

  2. How do school districts expect teachers to teach during the day and at night ? Are they expecting some type of half day at school, half day at home school. That would save the schools having to feed two meals a day vs. lunch or breakfast. And give janitors extra time to clean up the rooms every day. (Funny how the lower staff always picks up the crappiest, longest time working).

  3. So the local school board has come up with this; in person or on line parents choice, in person classes will be split in half of a particular grade and will be present Mon,Wen and alternating Fri. or Tue, Thursday and the other alternative Fri. Masks mandatory for all over 8 I think and of course the never ending temperature checks before entering the building.
    All this sounds like a Chinese Clusterfuck to me. SMH

  4. The schools can't wait to open back and get that Marxist indoctrination going again.
    If I had school age children they wouldn't be going to any POS gov school. If necessary I would hire a teacher to home school them.


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